27th ISMRM Annual Meeting • 11-16 May 2019 • Montréal, QC, Canada

Educational Course
Junior Fellows Symposium:
MR from a Global Perspective: The Underrepresented Part of the MR Spectrum

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Junior Fellows Symposium: MR from a Global Perspective: The Underrepresented Part of the MR Spectrum
Weekday Course

ORGANIZERS: Qiuyun Fan, Ariane Fillmer, Fang Liu, Lukas Winter

Wednesday, 15 May 2019
Room 710A  13:30 - 15:30 Moderators:  Lukas Winter, Ariane Fillmer

Skill Level: Basic to Advanced

Session Number: W-06

Even though the ISMRM is an international society for magnetic resonance in medicine, its members mostly work in the US and Europe. This is also reflected by a strong research focus on medical needs in those regions of the globe. MR research and open questions from the global south remain niche topics and rarely find their way into publications and conference contributions. The reason for that are mostly resource scarce circumstances, where currently available MR scanners cannot be afforded and/or operated. Remaining in the shadows does not give a voice loud enough for these issues to be heard in order to motivate fellow researchers to work on diagnostic, clinical and technological solutions. The rationale for our proposal is to give a platform to these voices that are normally unheard but that speak for around half of the world population. 

Target Audience
-Researchers from all backgrounds

Educational Objectives
As a result of attending this course, participants should be able to:
-Focus on the “I” in ISMRM;
-Give a voice to the underrepresented researchers and regions and empower local researchers/clinicians;
-Sensitize the MR community for the medical/technical/economic challenges in the “other half” of the world and motivate experts to work on solutions for those needs; and
-Strengthen diverse collaborations by connecting researchers/clinicians from resource rich with researchers/clinicians from resource poor research/clinical settings.


Lukas Winter
  MR from a Global Perspective: Looking Beyond North America & Europe
Elizabeth Morris
What Do We Have & What Do We Need? - MRI in Africa
Johnes Obungoloch, Lukas Winter, Steven Schiff
The structural, technical and operational requirements of conventional high field MRI are very high. As a result, there are very few MRI units in developing countries especially Sub-Saharan Africa. In order to improve MRI distribution in such low resource countries, development of local technical capacity is very vital. This can only be possible in collaboration with the developing world where is already high technical capacity. The aim of this project is to develop a training software for MRI that will link developing and developed countries  to promote MRI training and sharing of knowledge and data. 

What Do We have & What Do We Need? - MRI in South America
Maria Otaduy, Claudia Leite
In this presentation we will give an overview of MRI in Brazil, and we will present a challenge that is potentially of interest to other South American countries. The challenge proposed is to merge clinical data with MRI brain scans of people with not known neurological problem, in order to establish which is the age/gender specific treshold at which MRI lesions compatible with vascular dementia start to occur. The goal would be then to identify who are the patients at risk of vascular dementia in order to make an early intervention. 

  What Do we Have & What Do We Need? - MRI in India
Sairam Geethanath
  Honorable Mentions
  Africa Challenge: Virtual Scanner Software
Gehua Tong
  Africa Challenge: All You Need is a Browser – Eliminating Barriers to MRI Education with Open Source Interactive Tutorials
Mathieu Boudreau
  South America Challenge: A Web-Based Data Management & Processing System to Support the Prevention of Vascular Dementia
Norman Young
  South America Challenge: Prevention of Vascular Dementia
Sina Straub
  India Challenge: Generative Adversarial Network Driven Synthetic MRI
Adarsh Ghosh
  India Challenge: Concept of Screening MRI for Stroke in India
Sunita Gudwani
  Team Building Phase
  Conclusion & Outlook
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