Named Lectures Nomination Form
for the ISMRM 2021 Annual Meeting in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Nomination Deadline: 06 December 2019 @ 23:59 EST

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We are collecting nominees for speakers for the three keynote lectures at the 2021 ISMRM Annual Meeting in Vancouver, Canada. These names will be reviewed by the AMPC at the Construction Meeting in January. To assist in this review process, we are asking for the AMPC to provide names before the Construction Meeting, so that dossiers of each nominee can be presented at the Construction Meeting itself. If more than 8 potential speakers are nominated for a given lecture, the Named Lecture Sub-Committee will reduce this list down to 8 to streamline the process.

Please note the lecture descriptions below, followed by the nomination form.

  1. Lauterbur & Mansfield: Two highly esteemed and distinguished members of the society, capable of delivering a powerful and inspiring lecture, should deliver these lectures. In general, one lecture will be given by an M.D. and one by a Ph.D.
  2. NIBIB New Horizons lecture: This speaker should be recognized in the field, but will be at an earlier career stage – think “Associate Professor.” The speaker should provide an exciting overview of new and important area(s) of broad interest to the ISMRM membership. This year, the speaker should be a physician.



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