ISMRM & SMRT Annual Meeting • 15-20 May 2021

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Member-Initiated Symposium

MRI Advances Within the Co-Clinical Cancer Trials Network: Informing Cancer Clinical Trials Through Preclinical Imaging

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MRI Advances Within the Co-Clinical Cancer Trials Network: Informing Cancer Clinical Trials Through Preclinical Imaging
Member-Initiated Symposium
Monday, 17 May 2021
Concurrent 8 17:00 -  17:30 Moderators: Joseph Ackerman & Rong Zhou
Session Number: MIS-16
Parent Session: MRI Advances Within the Co-Clinical Cancer Trials Network: Informing Cancer Clinical Trials Through Preclinical Imaging

Session Number:MIS-16

Joseph Ackerman, Rong Zhou

This symposium was organized with the assistance of teams from the NCI Co-Clinical Imaging Research Program (CIRP) Network. The session will: (1) describe the unique technical challenges to achieving quantitative MRI (qMRI) biomarkers with small-animal models of cancer; (2) provide innovative solutions to address these challenges; and (3) show how preclinical qMRI findings can inform clinical cancer imaging trials. The initial presentation (20 min) will define challenges and potential solutions unique to preclinical qMRI. This will be followed by theme-specific presentations regarding six new qMRI advances (4 @ 1x15-minute, single-speaker; 2 @ 2x8-minute, dual-speaker): (1) achieving ultrahigh spatial resolution for murine tibia bone marrow imaging; (2) mitigating respiratory motion artifacts in DWI of mouse abdomen; (3) increasing rigor and reproducibility in hyperpolarized 13C metabolic MR; (4) leveraging complementary PET/MRI findings; (5) validating biomarkers using multimodal imaging; (6) predicting tumor growth and response by imaging-driven mechanistic models. A brief concluding presentation (8 min) will describe the CIRP initiative. Motivated by the increasing use of preclinical qMRI in translational cancer research, this session will complement and enhance the preclinical imaging offerings of the annual meeting. It will provide a timely perspective on the unique experimental challenges posed by small-animal MRI and on the technical innovations that provide solutions.

Target Audience
Researchers engaged in quantitative small-animal MRI and entrepreneurs aiming to enhance preclinical MRI capability by hard/software innovations.

Educational Objectives
As a result of attending this course, participants should be able to:
Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to: - Explain the unique challenges to preclinical qMRI posed by small-animal models; - Describe innovative solutions to these challenges, leading to improvements in resolution, motion mitigation, rigor, and repeatability; - Appraise the value of integrating qMRI biomarkers with other data platforms for cancer research; and - Learn about an opportunity to join the NCI CIRP Network as a grantee or an associate member.

      Solving Fundamental Challenges in Preclinical MRI to Improve Cancer Clinical Trials
Thomas Yankeelov
University of Texas at Austin
      MR Imaging of Mice Tibia for Co-Clinical Studies of Myelofibrosis
Ghoncheh Amouzandeh
University of Michigan
      Improving Murine Abdominal DWI by Radial k-Space Sampling & Deep Learning
Yong Fan1, Steven Pickup2
University of Pennsylvania1, University of Pennsylvania2
      Increased Rigor & Reproducibility in Hyperpolarized 13C with Mouse Cancer Models
Renuka Sriram
University of California, San Francisco
      Promises, Challenges & Real-World Experience with PET/MR Imaging of Small-Animal Models in Co-Clinical Cancer Research
Charles Manning1, Kooresh Shoghi2
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center1, Washington University in St. Louis2
      Advances in Validation of Imaging Markers: Connecting 3D Multi-Modal MR Imaging & 2D Pathology in a Mouse Model of Sarcoma
Stephanie Blocker
Duke University
      Predicting Therapeutic Response via Quantitative MRI
Anum Kazerouni
University of Washington
      The NCI Co-Clinical Imaging Research Resource Program (CIRP)
Huiming Zhang
National Cancer Institute

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