ISMRM & SMRT Annual Meeting • 15-20 May 2021

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Plenary Session

Mansfield Lecture
Nurturing MR Innovators & Innovation

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Nurturing MR Innovators & Innovation
Plenary Session
ORGANIZERS: Elizabeth Hecht, José Marques, Krishna Nayak, Lawrence Wald
Sunday, 16 May 2021
Concurrent 1 20:00 -  22:00 Moderators: Elizabeth Hecht & José Marques
Skill Level: Basic to Advanced
Session Number: P-01
Parent Session: Sunday Plenary

Session Number: P-01

This plenary is about how can we make our science and careers sustainable in the long run.

It is about how we can contribute to a scientifically literate society that understands the importance of both our applied science and basic science, is willing to support it, and might one day want to pursue it.

It is about educating and growing our young (and future) clinicians and researchers into more mature and successful ones who will bring new ideas and innovations to our field. How do we make our science appealing for future researchers in our education, and how do we mentor them to prosper in their career?

It is about recognizing that until recently, science--like art--has been focused on the individualist career, and that this has been recognized as the source of large burnout risks in research. Recognizing the increasing complexity and interdisciplinary nature of our field has the implication that we need to work in teams, but that this does not mean we need to lose our sense of research freedom and individual fulfillment.

Target Audience
All attendees.

Educational Objectives
As a result of attending this course, participants should be able to:
- Review the importance of science communication and public engagement, and identify methods to reach wider audiences to inspire and empower them with knowledge about our science and the scientific process;
- Describe different types of mentoring and supervision models met throughout a career dedicated to helping researchers and MDs growing to (MR) excellence; and
- Review practical approaches that help cultivate and maintain a healthy environment for excellent team science, the theory and experiences met in different institutions in the health sector.

20:00   Introduction
Tim Leiner
20:15   Viribus Unitis
Pia Maly Sundgren
21:00   Nurturing Beyond Our Peers: Public Engagement & Outreach
Stuart Clare
21:20   Nurturing Talent: Training & Mentoring
Kaori Togashi
21:40   Nurturing a Team: Healthy Team Science
Vivian Lee

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