MRI data transmission via fifth-generation (5G) cellular networks
Nicolai Spicher1, Ramon Barakat1, and Thomas Martin Deserno1
1Peter L. Reichertz Institute for Medical Informatics, TU Braunschweig and Hannover Medical School, Braunschweig, Germany
We made use of fifth-generation (5G) cellular networks in the current 3GPP Release 15 for transmitting DICOM data and reached more than 50 Mbit/s upload speed using consumer-grade hard- and software. This holds great potential for cellular transmission of data from portable MRI scanners.
Figure 1: Experimental setup. The laptop is connected via ethernet cable to the 5G router and displays its web-interface.
Table 1: Results of experiments. Transmission times are given as mean ± standard deviation. The reference measurement was perfomed via ethernet connection between the DICOM client and server, therefore quality quantities of cellular networks are not available.