ISMRM & SMRT Annual Meeting • 15-20 May 2021

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Weekday Course

MR Data Security in a Dangerous Era

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MR Data Security in a Dangerous Era
Weekday Course
ORGANIZERS: John Port, Fernando Calamante
Sunday, 16 May 2021
Concurrent 3 14:30 -  15:15 Moderators: Hanzhang Lu
Skill Level: Intermediate
Session Number: WE-25
Parent Session: MR Data Security in a Dangerous Era

Session Number: WE-25

This course will review important issues related to cyber security for our MRI scanners, related hardware, and data. Both hardware and software challenges and opportunities will be described, with practical solutions and current best practices reviewed. Relevant legal issues and regulations will also be discussed.

Target Audience
Clinicians and scientists involved in MRI.

Educational Objectives
As a result of attending this course, participants should be able to:
- Describe cyber security risks to their MRI hardware and software;
- Recognize general legal regulations regarding MRI data acquisition and sharing; and
- Identify security issues related to utilizing cloud computing.

  Cloud Computing: Challenges & Opportunities
Michael Hansen
This presentation is an introduction to using cloud computing for image reconstruction and machine learning. We will introduce the concept of cloud computing and highlight the value it can bring to MRI research and clinical use. The presentation points to multiple open-source projects that can help you get started with cloud computing and also highlights some of the example use cases. Throughout the review we discuss the current challenges in the field and point to solutions that can be implemented.
  Protecting MR Data: Practical Issues (Sharing, Anonymizing, Etc.)
Thomas Close
Ensuring privacy in MRI research is critical due to the sensitivity of medical data. In this education session, the risks of privacy breaches from MR data, and tips on how to minimise them, are explained with respect to the “Five Safes” of data privacy: Safe Output, Safe People, Safe Setting, Safe Data and Safe Output. The session touches on a wide range of security topics, from encryption of DICOM transfers and defacing of structural MRI scans, to disclosure risks in published outputs, to give an overview of the issues that need to be considered over the lifecycle of MR projects.
    Protecting MRI Scanner & Peripheral Devices: Hackers
George Shih
    Legal & Regulatory Issues in the Protection of MR Data: The Alphabet Soup (GDPR, HIPAA, FDA)
Yvonne Lui
In this presentation, we will review some of the legal and regulatory issues in the protection of MRI data that are pertinent to research in MRI including defining and discussing GDPA, HIPAA, and the role of the FDA. We will begin with an overview of the topic of medical imaging data ownership and what the rules are, the differences between legal definitions depending on location such as between Europe and North America. We will comment on what ownership means and review what HIPAA is, discuss issues of informed consent, issues surrounding deidentification, and the role of the FDA.

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