2021 SMRT Call for International Clinical Sessions

Submission Deadline:

Invitation to apply for SMRT International Clinical Sessions (ICS)

ISMRM & SMRT Members Only

The SMRT Annual Meeting Program Committee (AMPC) are delighted to announce that it is now accepting proposals from ISMRM & SMRT members for the 2nd Annual Series of SMRT International Clinical Sessions (ICS) to be held at the 2021 ISMRM & SMRT Virtual Conference & Exhibition.

The SMRT International Clinical Sessions aim to provide clinically-focused multidisciplinary educational sessions for our communities in different regions around the world. Each of this year’s 12 ICS will be organized and hosted by a team of emerging leaders from the ISMRM & SMRT community to provide an opportunity for our members to showcase work of talented PhDs, MDs and Radiographers & Technologists from within their region.

All proposals must be submitted electronically via the link below. All proposals will be thoroughly reviewed by the SMRT AMPC. Selection will be competitive, based on the criteria listed below. The theme of each session will be proposed by the organizers and sessions can be multilingual to ensure they are of particular interest to our clinical communities within each region. Each session will be delivered by virtual meeting format as part of the 2021 ISMRM & SMRT Virtual Conference & Exhibition and attendance will be open to our international community.

SMRT International Clinical Session (ICS) Selection Criteria:

Submitted proposals will be scored and ranked by the SMRT AMPC based on the following criteria:

  1. The “Theme of the Session,” the “Clinical and Scientific Quality” of the submitted proposal, and the relevance of the session content to our clinical ISMRM & SMRT community.
  2. “Goodness of Fit” within the overall annual international meeting program.

The aim will be to complement the educational content and plenaries of the 2021 Annual International Meeting. Note: you can view 2021 plenaries, named lectures and educational sessions in the preliminary program.

Program-at-a Glance Coming Soon!

  1. Each SMRT International Clinical Session session must include three confirmed speakers (minimum two) from a multi-disciplinary background. The session must include presentations from a MR Radiographer/Technologist and an MD or PhD.
  2. Diversity, including engagement of under-represented groups. This criterion is defined broadly: Gender, Ethnicity and Geographical Region, as well as other dimensions. The diversity represented by the speakers, moderators and session organizers of the proposed session, and the target audience, will be considered.

Applications from SMRT and ISMRM members are welcomed and encouraged. Proposals must be made electronically via the form at the end of this page by the above deadline. All proposals will be reviewed by the SMRT AMPC and successful applicants will be notified by mid-April. A summary of “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) have been listed in the next column to help you with your application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Organize a SMRT International Clinical Session?

Both SMRT and ISMRM members are welcome to submit a proposal, however, at least one organizer must be an SMRT member.

Is there a particular format for the SMRT International Clinical Sessions?

SMRT International Clinical Sessions must consist of “three 30-minute pre-recorded talks” with an associated “30-minute live Q&A session”, and at least one presentation must be given by a MR Radiographer/Technologist SMRT member.

If there are special circumstances related to the proposed content of the session, organizers may propose an alternate number of presentations. However, justification must be provided in the proposal and the session must have at least two presentations not shorter than 30-minutes.

Each speaker must present on an agreed topic consistent with the “proposed theme” of the clinical session. Speakers may present in the language of the geographical region, providing that the accompanying slides are presented (where possible) in English and/or the language of the region.

Note: If your ICS application is successful we will send further information regarding the process of pre-recording and uploading talks after you receive confirmation for your session.

Is there a particular format for the 30-minute live Q&A Sessions provided for the SMRT International Clinical Sessions during the International meeting?

In addition to the pre-recorded presentations, during the Annual Meeting (May 2021), each SMRT International Clinical Session will have a dedicated session for “live question-and-answer (Q&A)” with the panel of speakers, led by two expert moderators.

Pre-recorded presentations will be uploaded to the virtual meeting system so that ICS presentations are available for viewing by meeting attendees from (May 2021) to allow meeting registrations sufficient time to prepare for the meeting and the live Q&A session.

All speakers and moderators will need to be available for the “live Q&A” session to provide an opportunity for the audience to “ask the expert panel” questions about the content of the talks. The SMRT member of the organising committee must also be in attendance during the live Q&A session, however it is optional for the other listed members of the ICS organising committee to be available.

All presentations will be pre-recorded and uploaded to the virtual meeting system in April 2021 to facilitate the publication of ISMRM & SMRT educational talks prior to the meeting.

Selection of Moderators

We recommend that the organizers select two moderators familiar with the topic being discussed, and the language being used. For multi-lingual sessions, it is preferred that at least one moderator be bilingual and be confident to moderate in English and the local language for the session. We also suggest that at least one of the moderators be a SMRT or ISMRM member.

Are there any requirements for the Session focus or topics?

The session must be of interest to members of our SMRT & ISMRM clinical / clinical-research communities. However, each session will be open to Scientific, Technical, Industry and Clinical members within our ISMRM & SMRT community.

The “theme” of the session can be broad as long as the proposed talks focus on the clinical utility, technical advances and/or clinical application of MR techniques. Sessions focused on specific disease cohorts or patient groups and the role of MR imaging will also be considered.

The aim of the session will also be to highlight local talent, delivering topics that may be of interest or specific to the region and/or fill knowledge gaps which may aid future clinical-translation. For example, application of MR techniques to target a specific disease burden, or translation applications with a focus on emerging techniques.

Note: CME or CE credit is not provided for SMRT International Clinical Sessions

May I present in a session that I organize?

Yes, organizers may either give a talk or moderate in a SMRT International Clinical Session that they organize. However, we do ask that proposals do not include multiple speakers from the same institution, or a speaker and moderator from the same institution.

Should I ask speakers and moderators if they are willing to participate before my SMRT International Clinical Session is submitted?

Yes, all speakers and moderators must be confirmed participation in writing. Evidence of this will be requested at the time of submission of your ICS proposal.

When during the meeting will the Live Q&A for the SMRT International Clinical Sessions Occur?

Live Q&A associated with the SMRT International Clinical Sessions will occur during the week of the Virtual Meeting & Exhibition.

Specific live Q&A dates or times cannot be guaranteed; however, all efforts will be made to host each live Q&A at a time appropriate to the local time-zone of the organizers.

Moderators and presenters must commit to availability for Monday through Thursday of the meeting.

Will speakers and moderators be required to speak English during the SMRT International Clinical Session?

No, speakers and moderators may speak the language appropriate to the target region of their session.

However, some English translation is recommended during the live Q&A component of the session if the organizers would like to increase the opportunity for discussion amongst meeting attendees. For multi-lingual sessions, it is preferred that at least one moderator be bilingual and be confident to moderate in English and the local language for the session.

Are speakers required to submit a syllabus or disclosure?

A syllabus and disclosure are not required for these sessions. We do ask that the presenters include a disclosure slide at the beginning of their presentation, only to inform the attendees of any potential conflicts.

Is there any reimbursement for speakers and organizers of SMRT International Clinical Sessions?

If individuals would like full access to the program for the ISMRM & SMRT meeting, they will need to be registered as a meeting attendee.

We acknowledge the generous contribution of speakers, moderators and organizers of the SMRT International Clinical Sessions and are pleased to offer them registration at the SMRT Member rate (equivalent to the ISMRM Trainee Rate). When inviting speakers and moderators, organizers should clarify that they must pay for their own meeting registration.

Are there any Stipends Available for Members who are Economically Challenged?

We do have a number of stipends available for presenters from regions where the GDP is relatively low. In special circumstances, we can allocate a stipend to individuals who were not planning to attend the full meeting, but have been invited to present, so that they can attend the invited session without financially disadvantaged. Stipend applications will be reviewed and approved by the SMRT President on a case-by-case basis.

Can Organizers submit more than one SMRT International Clinical Session proposal?

Any individual may only submit one proposal, and multiple SMRT International Clinical Session proposals may be submitted for a region. However, the application will be reviewed and prioritized so that we have a diverse range of topics and regions represented in the final program.

Can Speakers present in more than one proposal for a SMRT International Clinical Session?

In general, including the same speaker on multiple proposals will reduce the likelihood of being selected. If speakers are giving other invited presentations, they should be presenting on unique topics for their International Clinical Session presentation and should not overlap with their other content.

Will it be possible for more than one proposal to be selected for a region?

One proposal will be selected to represent a region, unless fewer than 12 regions are represented in submissions. If this is the case multiple proposals may be selected for a region. All applications will be reviewed and prioritized to ensure (where possible) that we have a global representation and a diverse range of topics represented in the final program

Who will review proposals, and when will this take place?

All proposals will be thoroughly reviewed by the SMRT AMPC. Selection will be competitive, based on the criteria listed above. Notification will be provided to successful applicants by April.

Can SMRT AMPC members participate?

Yes, members of the SMRT AMPC may submit a proposal as the goal of the SMRT International Clinical Sessions is for members to contribute content that is relevant to their region. However, AMPC members who participate will not be allowed to contribute to the review and selection process.

Further questions?

Please contact Thao Tran, SMRT Program Chair for the 2021 ISMRM & SMRT Virtual Meeting & Exhibition at ampc@smrt.org

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