MR Imaging of Pulmonary Ventilation

Room 204 C
16:30 – 18:30

Chairs: Mitchell Albert and John P. Mugler, III

16:30 129. Ultrafast Imaging of Lung Ventilation Using Hyperpolarized Helium-3, W.G. Schreiber, K. Markstaller, H.U. Kauczor, R. Surkau, B. Eberle, T. Grobmann, N. Weiler, E. Otten and M. Thelen, Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz, Germany.
16:42 130. Detection of Elastase-Induced Emphysema in Rat Lungs by Measuring Diffusion of Hyperpolarized 3He, X.J. Chen, L.W. Hedlund, M.S. Chawla, H.E. Möller and G.A. Johnson, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, USA and Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster, Germany.
16:54 131. Comparison of Different Sequences for Imaging Human Lungs with Hyperpolarised 3He at 0.1 T, E. Durand, D. Vattolo, L. Darrasse, G. Guillot, P.J. Nacher and G. Tastevin, U2R2M, Orsay, France and Laboratoire Kastler-Brossel, Paris, France.
17:06 132. Combined CINE/Radial-Sampling Techniques for Functional Imaging of Guinea Pig Lungs using Hyperpolarised 3He, M. Viallon, G.P. Cofer, S.A. Suddarth, H.E. Möller, J.X. Chen, M.S. Chawla, L.W. Hedlund, Y. Crémillieux and G.A. Johnson, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, USA and Université LYON I-CPE, Villeurbanne, France.
17:18 133. Determination of Regional Intrapulmonary Oxygen Concentrations by 3He-MRI, A.J. Deninger, B. Eberle, M. Ebert, T. Großmann, K. Markstaller, E. Otten, W. Schreiber, R. Surkau and N. Weiler, University of Mainz, Germany.
17:30 134. A Compact Compressor for Application of Metastability-Exchange Optical Pumping of 3He to Human Lung Imaging, T.R. Gentile, G.L. Jones, A.K. Thompson, R.R. Rizi, I.E. Dimitrov, D.A. Roberts, D. Lipson, R. Reddy, W. Gefter, M.D. Schnall and J.S. Leigh, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD, USA and University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
17:42 135. Noninvasive MRI Ventilation/Perfusion Scanning using Helium-3 and Arterial Spin-Tagging in Orthotopic Lung Transplant Patients, D.A. Lipson, I.E. Dimitrov, R.R. Rizi, T.R. Gentile, G. Jones, A.K. Thompson, D.A. Roberts, H. Palevsky, W. Gefter, M.D. Schnall, J.S. Leigh and J. Hansen-Flaschen, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA and NIST, Gaithersburg, MD, USA.
17:54 136. Measurements of 3He Diffusivity in Human Lung: Preliminary Results from an Emphysema Patient, B. Saam, D.A. Yablonskiy, D.S. Gierada, J.D. Cooper and M.S. Conradi, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, USA.
18:06 137. Noninvasive Ventilation-Perfusion MR Imaging Using Oxygen and FAIRER in Humans and in a Porcine Model of Airway Obstruction, V.M. Mai, Q. Chen, S. Gladstone, W. Li, H. Hatabu and R.R. Edelman, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA.
18:18 138. Evaluation of Lung Lobar Ventilation Dynamics Using MR Imaging - Comparison of Patients with Interstitial Pneumonia and Normal Subjects, H. Seo, Y. Mori, K. Satoh, M. Ohkawa, J. Fujita and S. Bandou, Kagawa Medical University, Kagawa, Japan.

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