MR Imaging of White Matter

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Tuesday – Thursday: 13:30 – 15:30

Th 931. Short-Term Evolution of Individual Enhancing MS Lesions Studied with Magnetization Transfer Imaging, M.A. Rocca, M.P. Sormani, C. Pereira, G. Comi and M. Filippi, University of Milan, Italy.
M 932. Low White Matter Anisotropy in Chronic Alcoholism Revealed with Diffusion Tensor Imaging, M. Hedehus, E.V. Sullivan, A. de Crespigny, M.E. Moseley, K.O. Lim and A. Pfefferbaum, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA; Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research, Orangeburg, NY, USA; Hillside Hospital, Glen Oaks, NY, USA and SRI International, Menlo Park, CA, USA.
T 933. Quantitative Assessment of Interhemispheric Neuronal Connectivity Using Diffusion Tensor MR Imaging, M. Ishihara, T. Kumazaki, K. Takahama, H. Hayashi, K. Cho, S. Okada, H. Kabasawa and Y. Takahashi, Nippon Medical School and GE-YMS, Tokyo, Japan.
W 934. Diffusion Tensor MRI of the Thalamus: Differentiation of Nuclei by Their Projections, M.R. Wiegell, H.B.W. Larsson and V.J. Wedeen, Massachusetts General Hospital, Charlestown, MA, USA and Hvidovre Hospital, Hvidovre, Denmark.
Th 935. MRI and MTI Changes in the Brain and Cervical Cord from Patients with Devic's Neuromyelitis Optica, M.A. Rocca, M. Bozzali, V. Martinelli, A. Ghezzi, F. Salvi, R. Capra, G. Comi and M. Filippi, University of Milan, Italy.
M 936. Reporting Active Lesions on Serial Brain MRI Scans in Multiple Sclerosis: Interobserver Agreement using CSE, FSE, Fast-FLAIR and Post-GD T1-Weighted Images, M. Rovaris, F. Barkhof, S. Bastianello, C. Gasperini, N. Tubridy, T.A. Yousry and M. Filippi, H San Raffaele, Milan, Italy.
T 937. Inflammatory Activity Revealed in Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Multiple Sclerosis without Contrast Agent, M.A. Horsfield, M.A. Rocca, M. Cercignani, G. Comi and M. Filippi, University of Leicester, UK and Ospedale S. Raffaele, Milano, Italy.
W 938. Negative Binomial Model Describing the Distribution of Enhancing MRI Lesions in MS, M.P. Sormani, P. Bruzzi, D.H. Miller, C. Gasperini, F. Barkhof and M. Filippi, Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan, Italy; Institute of Neurology, London, UK; S. Camillo Hospital, Rome, Italy and Free University Hospital, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Th 939. A Three Year Study Monitoring of Cerebral Atrophy, Lesion Load and Contrast Enhancing Lesions in 30 Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Patients Treated with Interferon b 1b, J.A. Frank, N.D. Richert, C. Bash, T. Leist, I. Gobbini, B.K. Lewis, R. Stone, T.R. Howard and H. McFarland, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, 20892.
M 940. Memory Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis Correlates with Juxtacortical Lesion Load Demonstrated by Fast FLAIR Magnetic Resonance Imaging, D.M. Moriarty, A. Blackshaw, P.R. Talbot, H.L. Griffiths, J.S. Snowden, V.F. Hillier and A. Jackson, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK.
T 941. A Serial T2 Relaxation, T1 Relaxation and Magnetization Transfer Study of Multiple Sclerosis Brain, I.M. Vavasour, K.P. Whittall, A.L. MacKay, D.K.B. Li, J. Oger and D.W. Paty, UBC Hospital, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
W 942. Extensive Brain Activation Following Recovery from Optic Neuritis: A Pilot Study Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), D.J. Werring, D.H. Miller, E.T. Bullmore, G.J. Barker, D.G. MacManus, M.J. Brammer, W.I. McDonald and A.J. Thompson, University College and Institute of Psychiatry, London, UK.
Th 943. Improved Contrast in "Multi-Spectral Phase" Images Derived from MR Exams of MS Patients, J.R. Mitchell and B.K. Rutt, London Health Sciences Center and The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada.
M 944. A Quantitative Echoplanar Diffusion Imaging Study of Lesions and Normal Appearing White Matter in Multiple Sclerosis, D.J. Werring, C.A. Clark, A. Droogan, G.J. Barker, D.H. Miller and A.J. Thompson, Institute of Neurology, London, UK.
T 945. Magnetization Transfer Histogram Analysis of Normal Appearing Brain Tissue from Patients at Presentation with Clinically Isolated Syndrome Suggestive of Multiple Sclerosis, C. Tortorella, G. Iannucci, M. Rovaris, M.A. Rocca, M. Bozzali, G. Comi and M. Filippi, University of Milan, Italy.
W 946. Correction of Global MTR Mean Value Differences Due to Non-Anatomical Factors, J.L. Ostuni, N.D. Richert, B.K. Lewis and J.A. Frank, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA.
Th 947. CNS Involvement in Patients with a History of Neuropsychiatric Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Demonstrated by Magnetization Transfer Imaging, G.P. Bosma, M.J. Rood, T.W.J. Huizinga and M.A. van Buchem, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands.
M 948. Inter-Observer, Scan-Rescan and Interscanner Variabilities of MT Histogram-Derived Measures from Healthy Volunteers. M.P. Sormani, M.A. Rocca, G. Mastronardo, G. Iannucci and M. Filippi, University of Milan, Italy.
T 949. Investigating Neuropathological Abnormalities in Schizophrenia using Magnetization Transfer Imaging, J. Foong, M.R. Symms, G.J. Barker, F.G. Woermann, M. Maier, D.H. Miller and M.A. Ron, University College London, London, UK.
W 950. MRI Assessment of Macro- and Microscopic Brain Pathology in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis and Vasculitides, B. Viti, M. Rovaris, G. Ciboddo, R. Capra, G. Comi, C. Tortorella and M. Filippi, University of Milan, Italy and Spedali Civili, Brescia, Italy.
Th 951. A Magnetization Transfer Histogram Study of Normal Appearing Cerebral Tissue in Multiple Sclerosis, C. Tortorella, B. Viti, M. Bozzali, M.P. Sormani, L. Minicucci, M. Rovaris, G. Comi and M. Filippi, University of Milan, Milan, Italy.
M 952. Demonstration of Restricted Diffusion Early in the Development of Inflammatory/Demyelinating Lesions - A Multiparametric MR Study, A. Gass, R. Moeckel, J. Hirsch, M. Georgi, A. Schwartz, M.G. Hennerici and J. Gaa, University of Heidelberg, Germany.
T 953. Disease Activity in Multiple Sclerosis: A Weekly Triple Dose Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study, C. Tortorella, M. Codella, M.A. Rocca, C. Gasperini, R. Capra, C. Pozzilli and M. Filippi, University of Milan, Italy; University of Brescia, Italy and UniversitÓ "La Sapienza", Rome, Italy.
W 954. Correlation between MRI of the Optic Nerve and Visual Evoked Potentials. A Longitudinal Study in Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, S.J. Weatherby, M.B. Davies, M.H. Lai, R. Williams, N. Haq and C.P. Hawkins, Royal Infirmary, Stoke-on-Trent, UK.
Th 955. White Matter Signal Abnormalities in Schizophrenia: Findings with FLAIR Imaging, Y. Cheong, B.B. Forster, S.W. Flynn, I.M. Vavasour, A.L. MacKay, K.P. Whittall and W.G. Honer, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
M 956. Regional and Global Differeneces in Cerebral White Matter Diffusion with Alzheimer's Disease, A.O. Nusbaum, C.Y. Tang, M.S. Buchsbaum, L. Shihabuddin, T.C. Wei and S.W. Atlas, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY, USA; University of California, Irvine, CA, USA and Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA.
T 957. Magentization Transfer Histogram Analysis of Segmented Normal-Appearing White Matter in Multiple Sclerosis, I. Catalaa, R.I. Grossman, D. Kolson, L. Nyul, L. Wei, J. Udupa, M. Polansky and J.C. McGowan, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
W 958. In vivo MR Tractography using Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Spatial Normalisation: Rotation of Eigenvectors into Talairach Space, U.C. Wieshmann, G.J.M. Parker, M.R. Symms, G.J. Barker and S.D. Shorvon, National Society for Epilepsy, Chalfont St Peter, Bucks, UK and University College, London, UK.
Th 959. Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Multiple Sclerosis Plaques, M.R. Wiegell, A.R. Langkilde and H.B.W. Larsson, Danish Research Center for Magnetic Resonance, Hvidovre, Denmark.

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