E-news from the
International Society for Magnetic Resonance
in Medicine

Vol. 2, Issue 1, 3 Feb 2013

ISMRM Global Outreach
Xiamen, China
14 December 2012

Organizer: Xiaohong "Joe" Zhou

In collaboration with the Chinese Radiological Society and the Overseas Chinese Organization in magnetic resonance in medicine, the ISMRM Global Outreach Program successfully held a workshop on December 14, 2012 in Xiamen, a beautiful city on the southeast coast of China.  The workshop, entitled “Advances in Diffusion Imaging”, had three objectives: (a) to provide an overview of recent advances in diffusion imaging, (b) to bridge the gap between novel diffusion imaging technologies and clinical as well as pre-clinical applications, and (c) to stimulate international collaborations.  To achieve these objectives, seven internationally recognized clinicians and scientists (Drs. Alberto Bizzi, Roland Bammer, Van Wedeen, Yoram Cohen, Craig Galban, Dow-Mu Koh, and Sheng-Kwei Song, representing North America, Europe, and Asia) were invited to deliver  talks spanning a broad spectrum of diffusion imaging, from emerging clinical applications to pre-clinical animal models, from novel acquisition strategies to advanced q-space imaging, and from cutting-edge tractography to the architecture of the human connectome.  The “all-star” team of speakers brought the state-of-the-art diffusion imaging techniques and advanced applications to the Chinese radiologists and MR scientists who were eagerly looking forward to the Workshop.  To foster international collaborations, the Workshop also featured two invited talks by clinician-scientists from China, Drs. Kuncheng Li and Lei Tang, who showcased their research in diffusion imaging conducted in China.  Their inspiring talks stimulated many discussions for potential international collaborations.

The Workshop attracted a total of 379 registrants, a record attendance since the ISMRM Outreach Program was established in China. The attendees represented approximately equal number of clinicians and MR scientists.  Many attendees had not had an opportunity to attend international MR meetings prior to this Workshop.   “The talks [of the Workshop] provided me with a ‘big feast’ of cutting edge diffusion imaging technologies and exposed me to the latest developments of diffusion applications”, said a young radiologist from a remote area in China.  The Workshop organizing committee consisted of X. Joe Zhou, PhD (Chair and ISMRM Global Outreach Coordinator for China), Guangming Lu, MD, PhD (Vice Chair), Min Chen, MD, PhD, Chun Yuan, PhD, Xiaoping Hu, PhD, Debiao Li, PhD and Jianhui Zhong, PhD.  The organizers worked closely with Roberta and the ISMRM Central Office in developing the program.  The Chinese Radiological Society (Drs. Jianping Dai, Xiaoyuan Feng, Zhengvu Jin, and Kuncheng Li) and its MR Division provided immense support for the Workshop.  The organizing committee would also like to thank the following individuals for their outstanding logistical support:  Drs. Rui Li, Ying Qi, Haiyan Ding, Ms. Jie Tang and Mr. Yi Sui.  The ISMRM Global Outreach Program is sponsored by General Electric, Philips, and Siemens.