E-news from the
International Society for Magnetic Resonance
in Medicine

Vol. 2, Issue 1, 3 Feb 2013

ISMRM Global Outreach
St. Petersburg, Russia
1-2 November 2012

Organizer: Marco Essig

The School of Clinical Radiology  (SCR), second congress 1-2nd of November in St. Petersburg was held by the Diagnostic Treatment Centre of the International Institute of Biological Systems named after Dr. Sergey Berezin (DTC IIBS) located in St. Petersburg, Russia. A total of 120 mainly young Russian radiologists from all over the country attended this two-day meeting in which a combined national and international faculty covered topics from the whole body and reported on new developments in clinical MRI.  Participating ISMRM speakers included Jelle Barentsz, Marco Essig, Thomas Grist, Stefan Sammet, Siegfried Trattnig and Patrik Zamecnik.

The main focus of the first day  was on oncologic imaging with lectures from Russia, the Netherlands and Germany. Speakers from Moscow and different institutions in St. Petersburg reported and strategies in oncologic imaging including treatment planning and follow-up studies.  The lectures that were simultaneously translated covered the main oncologic tumors like breast, prostate, lung and brain. A fruitful discussion concluded each session and the young, often not very experienced audience war actively participating.

The second day covered the radiological diagnosis of the lung and cardiovascular system and the newest tendencies in clinical radiology included hybrid imaging and MRI guided focused ultrasound. Tom Grist, president of the ISMRM gave his insights into the newest trends in MRI and cardiac imaging.

In the new trend session the focus was on hybrid imaging, theragnostics and advanced in functional brain imaging techniques.