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2019 Young Investigator Awards Competition
Posted 14 September 2017

(Please read carefully! This award program has changed significantly)
Submission Deadline:12 September 2018 @ 23:59 EDT

The International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine announces the competition for the Young Investigator Awards for the ISMRM 27th Annual Meeting & Exhibition, in Montreal, QC, Canada, 11-16 May, 2019. Two awards will be given: the W.S. Moore Award in Clinical Science and the I.I. Rabi Award in Basic Science.

The W.S. Moore Award is given for original clinical research in magnetic resonance. This includes studies of applications of established MR methodologies, using either human or animal subjects. Examples include manuscripts reporting new applications of MR contrast agents, optimization of scanning protocols, new clinical applications of MRI, or results of clinical trials.

The I.I. Rabi Award is given for original basic science research in magnetic resonance. This includes reports of new MR methodologies and understanding of MR signals, aimed at either human or animal subjects. Examples include manuscripts reporting new hardware, novel pulse sequences, biophysical or signal models, or data analysis techniques.

The competition is open to clinical and basic scientists at the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, resident, and fellow levels working in MR research in academia, industry, or research institutions. Applicants should either be within five (5) years post completion of Ph.D. or three (3) years post completion of appropriate clinical training, as documented by a curriculum vitae and letter of confirmation from their supervisor, mentor, or department head. ISMRM membership is required.

YIA papers will be drawn from all of the papers specifically submitted as YIA and accepted or under review at the Society journals between the date of this announcement and 12 September 2018.

To be considered for either the W.S. Moore or I.I. Rabi award, the applicant must do the following:

  • Submit a single manuscript describing original work in the field of MR in medicine directly to one of the Society’s journals. W.S. Moore applicants are required to submit to the Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and I.I. Rabi applicants to Magnetic Resonance in Medicine via the journal web sites. All manuscripts submitted to either of the Society’s journals will be reviewed for publication, whether or not chosen as a YIA finalist. The applicant must be the first and primary author of this work.
  • Register the manuscript with the ISMRM Central Office, providing a letter on departmental letterhead from the supervisor. This letter should be a statement from the applicant’s mentor, supervisor, or department head certifying the originality and independence of the work and that the applicant meets all the criteria for the competition. The statement should discuss the candidate’s specific contribution to the work with an estimate of the percentage of the contribution made by the candidate (which should be substantial).
  • The Young Investigator Awards Committee will select up to three finalists for each award. The finalists will make oral presentations at the Annual Meeting. Conference abstracts will only be solicited from finalists in early January 2019 and will be an overview of the finalist’s contributions to the research topic covered in the manuscript. This solicited conference abstract will not be reviewed but will be included in the program for reference. YIA applicants are welcome to proffer abstracts via the standard submission process (deadline in November 2018) on the topic of their paper or other topics, although any submission will naturally will be expected to conform to accepted standards for novelty compared to previously published work.
  • The winners will be selected on the basis of the scientific quality and originality of their manuscripts, their research and academic track record, and quality of presentations. Winners will be named before the close of the Annual Meeting.

How to Apply (all steps must be completed)

  • Manuscript must be submitted electronically to one of the Society’s journals (W.S. Moore applicants must submit to the Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and I.I. Rabi applicants to Magnetic Resonance in Medicine). Applicant must indicate on the manuscript submission form that the applicant wishes the manuscript to be considered for the Young Investigator Award program. Instructions are provided on both journal websites.
  • Register the manuscript by:
    • Completing the online form and uploading a zipped or compressed file containing the following (upload link is on the online form):
      • Curriculum vitae
      • Mentor/Supervisor Letter

Note: The YIA Competition is completely separate from the Student Stipend Program. Any YIA applicant interested in the Student Stipend Program must apply to that program separately.


  • Manuscripts must be submitted on the appropriate Society Journal's Website on or before Wednesday, 12 September 2018 @ 23:59 EDT to be considered for the 2019 competition;
  • Registration via the online form, with upload of curriculum vitae and supervisor statement, must be completed on or before Wednesday, 12 September 2018 @ 23:59 EDT (it is suggested this be completed at the same time the manuscript is submitted to the journal).

Subcommittee on Young Investigator Awards