SMRT CE Credit Application for Health Care Institution Provider

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  • 1. Health Care Institution Provider Information

  • Health Care Institution Provider Definition

    A Health Care Institution Provider is a hospital, medical center, clinical or physician's office that provides direct patient care and has applied for recognition as an institutional provider. Institutional providers are not allowed to self-approve their own activities.

    Notification of Expiration

    As an SMRT-approved provider, your institution may submit unlimited educational activities through the expiration date indicated by the SMRT on this form. Approved activities can be presented throughout the provider year. Sign-in records, course evaluation summaries and correspondence must include the reference number assigned to the activity. SMRT sends a renewal notice 60 days before the expiration date of the providership year.


    2. Health Care Institution Provider Fee Structure

    Fees are non-refundable.

    Annual Provider Fee
    Number of Submissions Fee
    1-12 submissions $300.00
    13-25 submissions $480.00
    25+ submissions $730.00
    Two-Year Provider Fee
    Number of Submissions Fee
    1-12 submissions $600.00
    13-25 submissions $930.00
    25+ submissions $1,380.00

    Health Care Institution provider fees are non-refundable and are based on the number of submissions they wish to submit for approval during the one-year period. If a Health Care Institution Provider does not reach the number of submissions proposed for the year, the credits do not roll over to the next year, they are forfeited. The Health Care Institution Provider fee structure is good for any seminar or lecture, or self-learning activity up to three hours in length.

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