ISMRT Ambassador Program

SMRT Ambassador Program

The ISMRT is seeking dedicated members who are willing to promote the ISMRT to our up and coming radiographers and technologists. The goals of the Ambassador Program are to:

  • Increase trainees awareness of opportunities
    • Benefits of membership
    • Functions at Annual Meeting, including a PowerPoint description of Annual Meeting for the trainees
  • Encourage and facilitate participation
    • Abstract submissions & presentations
    • Committee participation
  • Explore Life Long Learning process
    • Web offerings
  • Expand on benefits of ISMRT beyond training
    • Track and Transfer
  • Distribute all ISMRT notifications regarding meetings, virtual learning opportunities, Website offerings, etc. in a timely and consistent manner via paper or e-mail
  • Facilitate trainees transitioning to full ISMRT membership status including providing when possible new contact information following graduation for ISMRT emails

ISMRT Ambassadors are active ISMRT Full or Emeritus members who serve as a role model championing ISMRT functions for Technologists in training and:

  • Hold an active ISMRT Regular or Emeritus membership
  • Can serve a three-year term (calendar year)
  • Have an official supervisory/advisory or contact role with technologists -in-training within your institution
  • Serve as an advocate to promote the benefits of ISMRT membership
  • Will conduct an ISMRT orientation annually for new technologists-in-training in your organization (materials to be provided by the ISMRT)
  • Will forward and communicate all ISMRT notifications received (ie. educational opportunities, newsletters, web site offerings, etc.) in a timely manner to encourage student and trainee participation
  • Can survey trainee and full members within your institution. (online assessment provided by ISMRT)
  • Can provide a navigation guide to the Annual Meeting to maximize trainee experience at the event (materials to be provided by ISMRT)

For more information or to express interest in becoming an Ambassador, please contact Roberta Kravitz: