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SMRT Educational Seminars
K-Space in the Clinic
Volume 7, Number 3
The SMRT Educational Seminars (Volume 7, Number 3), has been approved for 2.5 Category A Continuing Educational credits.

Read the SMRT Educational Seminars (Volume 7, Number 3), "K-Space in the Clinic" and complete the quiz and official Answer Form at the back of the article. To receive credit the quiz must be completed with a score of 75% or better. Completion of all questions with a passing score will earn a total of 2.5 category A Continuing Education credits.
SMRT members should send the completed Answer Form to the SMRT Education Department for scoring. The certificate will state the CE reference number and awarded CE credits. Members receiving a score less than 75% will be notified and given the option of taking the quiz an additional two times. Members should retain their CE Certificate for their Continuing Education registry requirements.
Educational Objectives
  • Review and define terminology unique to a discussion of k-space, acquisition trajectories, radio frequency magnetic fields and gradient applied magnetic fields.
  • Examine spatial encoding processes via time-varying gradient magnetic fields and the effects upon the resultant images including signal-to-noise ratio, spatial resolution, and potential image artifacts.
  • Describe the k-space domain and conversion to the image domain via Fourier Transform.
  • Understand the manipulation of k-space filling to increase imaging speed and provide descriptions of methods commonly used and those being recently implemented in clinical practice.