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FDA MRI Safety Public Workshop (1/2012)
CARE BILL-Grass Roots Efforts
Letter of Support Re-introducing the CARE Bill 
  SMRT Membership (10/2011)
Election Results 2011
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Meet the new leaders of the SMRT!! (3/2012)
Regional Educational Seminar
South Carolina Spring Regional (3/2013)
SMRT 1st Singapore Radiographers MRI Symposium (3/2013)
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2nd Annual Kentucky SMRT Local Chapter MRI Educational Seminar (10/2012)
Kentucky SMRT Local Chapter Meeting (2/2012)
SMRT Local Chapter Presidents invited to Toshiba Vantage Titan 3T Event (10/2011)
New York / New Jersey Chapter Meeting
5th Annual Local ANZ Chapter Meeting (2/2011)
  Celebrating 20 Years of SMRT History (4/2011)
MRI Safety Update
FDA MRI Safety Public Workshop (7/2012)
Allow Safe MR Scans in Patients with AIMD's (8/2012)
Monitoring Body Temperature During MRI (8/2011)

ďMR ConditionalĒ Cardiac Pacemaker: Revo MRI SureScan Pacing System (4/2011)
MRI and Body Piercing Jewelry (1/2011)
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External Relations Report
External Relations Report: SMRT/SNMTS Collaboration (06/2012)
External Relations Report (10/11)
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Home Study 15:1 (3/2012)
Home Study 14:3 (9/2011) & NEW! Video Home Studies Program
Home Study 14:2 (7/2011)
Home Study 14:1 (3/2011)
Home Study 13:4 (1/2011)
Update: The European Physical Agents (Electromagnetic Fields) Directive (April 2012)
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