Chapter Chat
2012 2nd Annual Kentucky SMRT Local Chapter MRI Educational Seminar
20 October 2012

Barry Southers, M.Ed, RT(R)(MR)
President Kentucky SMRT Chapter

The 2nd Annual Kentucky SMRT Local Chapter MRI Educational Seminar took place on Saturday, 20 October, 2012 in Covington, Kentucky, USA. Many MRI professionals from local and regional areas came and were educated, entertained, and enlightened by this year’s group of speakers.

We had the privilege of welcoming several companies who sponsored the 2012 seminar, and include Bayer, Butler MRI, Kopp Development, MedSafe Cleaning, Philips, and Toshiba. Thank you to all the sponsors, for without their financial support, this event could not have happened!

Our keynote speaker this year was Carolyn “Candi” Roth, and as usual she did not disappoint attendees with her incredible knowledge of MRI and wonderful presentation style. Candi spoke on updates in MRI safety, and MRI body imaging. Other lecture topics for the event included MRI imaging of the knee, MR-PET, breast cancer imaging and pathology, non-contrast MRA advances, and the use of neuroimaging to evaluate drug abuse.

Our attendees, who were a combination of clinical and research MRI Technologists, educators, MR applications specialists, and managers, were treated to both a hot breakfast and lunch and mid-afternoon snacks. Although most in attendance were local or regional professionals, some attendees came from 3-4 hours away! As a gesture of appreciation, the Kentucky SMRT Local Chapter polled the audience and awarded one attendee a gift certificate for driving the furthest distance to attend.

After review of the speaker and conference evaluations, attendees thought all speakers did an excellent job presenting. Future considerations for lecture topics provided by attendees include neuro MR imaging and pathology, psychiatric disorders, cardiac MRI, sequence and physics review, advanced MR safety updates, and orthopedic MRI. 96% of attendees felt their expectations were met extremely or very well, 96% were extremely or very satisfied with the conference facilities, 96% were very satisfied or satisfied with speaker knowledge, and 100% of attendees felt the seminar was well organized, all seminar staff members were courteous, and seminar registration was a success.

Suggestions for improvement were rotation of the seminar to other areas in Kentucky, clearer parking directions and space, increasing temperature of the room, and stricter adherence to allotted lecture times.
Overall, the 2nd Annual Kentucky SMRT Local Chapter MRI Educational Seminar was another very successful educational event and we are already looking forward to 2013! Thank you again to all in attendance and to all our excellent speakers and sponsors!

Barry Southers Elizabeth M. Fugate Amanda Golsch
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Dr. Su-Ju Lee educating the audience on pathology that mimic breast cancer.

Candi Roth performing one of her two lectures at the 2012 Kentucky SMRT Meeting.

Dr. Guy Poloni discussing recent non-contrast MRA techniques.

Dr. Jim Eliassen, a neuroscience brain researcher, giving his lecture on learning, the street drug ecstasy, and the human brain.

Enjoying a well-deserved afternoon break!

Attendees from the Kentucky SMRT meeting listening intently to one of our excellent speakers!