Promoting SMRT Membership

Julie Lowe, B.S., R.T. (R)(MR)FSMRT
SMRT Past President 2010-2011
President of the Local Indiana Chapter


Scott Dunn, SMRT Membership Chair and Julie Lowe, Past President 2010-2011 and President of the Local Indiana Chapter were invited to attend an MR educational meeting at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. The intention of the visit was to promote the SMRT to potential members. Larry Friggle, R.T. (R)(MR) Secretary of the Indiana Local Chapter and MRI Supervisor, Methodist Hospital, Indiana University Health invited the SMRT to set up a membership table so that we might introduce the SMRT to those technologists that are unfamiliar with the organization . Even those that were familiar with the SMRT were happy to receive updated information and hear about the benefits of the SMRT directly from our Membership Chair. The attendees were very receptive and were especially interested in the SMRT Educational Seminars (Home Studies) as well as the SMRT Technologist List Serve. We look forward to an increase in SMRT membership as a result of our participation in this meeting. If there are other opportunities like this for the SMRT please invite us to participate. We would be happy to send a representative and/or membership information! Scott and Julie wish to thank Larry for the tour of the Methodist Hospital MRI department. We had an enjoyable afternoon!


(Left to Right) Scott Dunn, Membership Chair, Julia Lowe, Past-President, and Larry Friggle,
Indiana Chapter Secretary and Methodist MR supervisor.
Scott Dunn, SMRT Membership Chair displays information for potential new members.