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Standards in Quantitative MR List Serve

List Serve The Quantitative MR List Serve is hosted by the ISMRM. A list serve or list serv is a simple system that allows persons with like or similar interests to actively communicate with one another via e-mail. The list serve works by distributing all messages sent to it to all subscribers of the list. Responses can be made back directly to the specific person who posed the questions or to the whole list allowing everyone to benefit from the answers. The Quantitative MR List Serve is a closed list designed specifically for issues and topics related to Quantitative MRI.

Please click here to read important rules and etiquette guidelines. Although this page was specifically created for the MRI Technologist List Serve, the rules and regulations contained apply to ALL ISMRM & SMRT list serves.

  • The Quantitative MR List Server is hosted by the ISMRM. 

  • To subscribe to the Quantitative MR List Server, just fill out the online form below.

  • To change your email address or halt participation in this listserv, please contact:

  • For instructions on how to use this list, please click here.

  • You can send a note to the list requesting that you receive messages in a Digest Mode format. You can decide that you want list messages to show up in your mailbox all at once, once a day or twice a day.

  • List serve members can review the archives for previous and current posts.

To gain access to the Quantitative MR List Serve Archives:
  1) Send an email from the e-mail address you have registered with this list serve to: 

You will receive an automated email back with a confirmation ID number in the subject line of the email, as well as some nonessential language in the email itself, though it will repeat the confirmation ID number.

2) Then when you go to 

You will be prompted for a user name and password. It should be as follows:

User Name: Your email address
Password: The confirmation ID number

  This will allow you into the archives.  

The Quantitative MR List Server will be monitored by a member of the AdHoc Committee on a rotating basis for compliance with the guidelines above. The schedule for monitoring is TBD.

Any specific questions or issues with the Quantitative MR List Serve, please contact Sally Moran, Director of Electronic Communications, ISMRM at the following e-mail address: 

In summary, we hope this list will be helpful to those interested in Quantitative MRI. But, please keep in mind that the focus of the list is to share information specific to MRI. Posts and responses that are not directly related to this mission should not be sent to the list. If you wish to respond individually, that is your choice. The leadership addresses any inappropriate posts off-list. Please keep your questions and comments relevant to the focus of MRI scanning related topics. Happy listing!

Thanks to Jennifer Olson, Associate Executive Director, ISMRM; and Sally Moran, Director of Electronic Communications, ISMRM for their contributions to this article.

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