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Q&A with Kathleen M.Ropella and Douglas C.Noll

By Maria Eugenia Caligiuri

Kathleen M.Ropella

Kathleen Ropella received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering at Marquette University, and her Master’s Degree at the University of Michigan, where she will defend her PhD thesis this semester (busy times ahead!).

Douglas C. Noll did his PhD in Electrical Engineering with Al Macovski at Stanford, after being introduced by his intramural basketball pals, Dwight Nishimura, Steve Conolly, and Craig Meyer. In 1991, he started his first faculty position at the University of Pittsburgh, working on functional MRI with the first 3T magnet GE ever made. Doug later transitioned to be a professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Michigan – so he’s been in the field of MRI for about 30 years now!

Their paper, “A Regularized, Model-Based Approach to Phase-Based Conductivity Mapping Using MRI,” was focused on two things: first, achieving accurate measurements of conductivity – which describes the ability of a tissue to conduct electric current – at tissue boundaries; and second, the possibility of using non-quadratic regularizers, thanks to advances in compressed sensing.

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