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Low Field MRI

27-30 September 2020 Postponed • Bethesda, MD, USA

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Co-Chair: Adrienne Campbell-Washburn, Ph.D.
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA

Co-Chair: Orlando Simonetti, Ph.D.
The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA

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Overview & Program

Workshop Overview

This workshop will address the growing interest in low field MRI (<1.5T). This workshop will be timely as more research is now underway at lower field (eg. Hyperfine system, ViewRay system, ramped-down clinical systems). The primary focus of this workshop will be on "high-performance" low-field MRI for specialized clinical applications, and the secondary focus will be on MR value/accessibility offered by low field.

Early in the development of MRI, there were debates on the “ideal” field strength, and the decision was dominated by the inherent SNR advantage of higher field. At that time, MRI engineering was immature, and by comparison, new low-field systems can benefit from modern magnet and gradient design, plus advanced image acquisition/reconstruction techniques, to recover SNR and imaging speed. Combining contemporary imaging techniques with unique clinical application opportunities and lower costs makes low field MRI attractive in clinical environments. This workshop will cover a breadth of topics in low field imaging, including:

  • Unique physical properties of low field;
  • Application of long readouts and novel k-space sampling to recover SNR;
  • Advanced image reconstructions and processing applied to low field;
  • Contrast agent performance;
  • Receiver array design for low field;
  • Flexibility in magnet design for low field;
  • MRI-guided interventions safely using commercial metallic tools;
  • MRI-guided radiotherapy procedures;
  • Imaging of patients with active and passive metallic implants;
  • Imaging near air-tissue interfaces (e.g., lung, airway, intestines, cranial sinuses);
  • Lower-cost system design for routine imaging; and
  • Point-of-care imaging.

The workshop will include invited talks, abstract presentations, a denoising challenge, and demonstrations of diagnostic and interventional MRI using high-performance low field MRI systems.

Target Audience: This workshop is designed for new MR scientists interested in learning and becoming involved in motion detection and correction; experienced researchers interested in meeting with fellow researchers to learn and share cutting-edge techniques for motion correction; clinicians interested in applying the latest correction methods to solve their motion problems; researchers interested in gaining information from motion; and industry representatives wanting to discuss the integration motion correction techniques with the standard MR platforms.

Educational Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the unique physical properties of lower fields;
  • Describe new clinical applications enabled by low field: interventional MRI, implant imaging, and near-air applications;
  • Describe the potential of low field for lower-cost system design; and
  • Describe engineering challenges at low field.

Preliminary Program

Day 1 – Monday, 28 September 2020 – No CME Available
07:00 Breakfast (until 08:30)
Registration & Speaker Upload Available
08:30 Welcome & Opening Statements T.B.A.


Session 1: Setting the Stage
Moderators: James G. Pipe, Ph.D. & Orlando Simonetti, Ph.D.
08:40 Opportunities for Low Field in the Context of Modern MRI Adrienne Campbell-Washburn, Ph.D.
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, MD, USA
09:00 The Evolution of Field Strength Gregory C. Hurst, Ph.D.
Upstate Medical University
Syracuse, NY, USA
09:20 Ultra-Low to Ultra-High: How Physical Properties & Contrast Mechanisms Vary José P. Marques, Ph.D.
Radboud University
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
09:40 The Role of Modern Computation in Low Field MRI Matthew S. Rosen, Ph.D.
A.A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging
Charlestown, MA, USA
10:00 Break & Speaker Upload Available
Session 2: Acquisition Strategies for Low Field
Moderators: John Mugler, III, Ph.D. & Nicole E. Seiberlich, Ph.D.
10:30 The Advantages of Long Readouts at Low Field Craig H. Meyer, Ph.D.
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA, USA
10:50 Sequences & RF Pulses in a World Without SAR Constraints Will A. Grissom, Ph.D.
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN, USA
11:10 Quantitative MRI for Lower Field Mark A. Griswold, Ph.D.
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH, USA

Proffered Papers - Oral Session

11:30 T.B.A.  
11:42 T.B.A.  
11:54 T.B.A.  
12:06 T.B.A.  
12:18 T.B.A.  
12:30 Box Lunch & Speaker Upload Available
Hands-On Scanning Opportunity (must sign up ahead of time)
Session 3: Low Field: Low Cost or High-Performance?
Moderators: Jürgen K. Hennig, Ph.D. & Matthew S. Rosen, Ph.D.
14:00 The Cost vs. Performance Trade-Off Lawrence L. Wald, Ph.D.
A.A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging
Charlestown, MA, USA
14:20 Panel Discussion: Balancing Cost & Performance for Low Field MRI Mark A. Griswold, Ph.D.
José P. Marques, Ph.D.
Najat Salameh, Ph.D.
Michael Salerno, M.D., Ph.D.
Kevin Sheth, M.D.
Daniel Sodickson, M.D., Ph.D.
Session 4: Radical Ideas to Push the Limits of Low Field
Moderators: Peter J. Basser, Ph.D. & Karl F. Stupic, Ph.D.
15:00 The Future of Complex Invasive Procedures Under Real-Time MRI Image Guidance Kanishka Ratnayaka, M.D.
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, MD, USA
15:20 Autonomous Exams for Low-Cost Systems Sairam Geethanath, Ph.D.
Columbia University
New York, NY, USA
15:40 Ultra-Low & Earth’s Magnetic Field Velencia Witherspoon, Ph.D.
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, MD, USA
16:00 Break & Speaker Upload Available
Session 5: Low Field MRI: Vendor Perspective (Optional)
Moderators: Megan E. Poorman, Ph.D. & Orlando Simonetti, Ph.D.
16:30 Vendors T.B.A. T.B.A.


Game: Guess the Field Strength
Moderators: Kathryn Keenan, Ph.D. & Krishna Nayak, Ph.D.
17:30 Guess the Field Strength
Is it 6.5mT or 0.35T or 0.55T or 1.5T or 3T or 7T? Can we fool you with our high-performance low field systems?
18:00 Adjournment
18:30 Evening Reception
Day 2 – Tuesday, 29 September 2020 – No CME Available
07:00 Breakfast (until 08:30)
Registration & Speaker Upload Available
Session 6: Example Cases from 0.55T
Moderators: Elizabeth C. Jones, M.D. & Toby Rogers, Ph.D.
08:30 An MRI-Guided Invasive Procedure Robert J. Lederman, M.D.
National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute
Bethesda, MD, USA
09:15 Diagnostic MRI at 0.55T Hersh Chandarana, M.D.
New York University Langone Medical Center
New York, NY, USA
09:45 Break & Speaker Upload Available
Session 7: Low Field MRI Hardware
Moderators: Natalia Gudino, Ph.D. & Andrew Webb, Ph.D.
10:15 Designing Receiver Coils for Low Field Ryan J. Brown, Ph.D.
New York University Langone Medical Center
New York, NY, USA
10:35 Flexible Magnet Design at Low Field Thomas O'Reilly, B.Sc.
Leiden University Medical Centre
Leiden, The Netherlands
10:55 Open-Source Low Field Engineering Lukas Winter, Ph.D.
Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt
Berlin, Germany

Proffered Papers - Oral Session

11:15 T.B.A.  
11:27 T.B.A.  
11:39 T.B.A.  
11:51 T.B.A.  
12:03 Box Lunch & Speaker Upload Available
Hands-On Scanning Opportunity (must sign up ahead of time)
Session 8: Clinical Imaging at Lower Field
Moderators: Hersh Chandarana, M.D. & Michael Salerno, M.D., Ph.D.

Can Low Field Distrupt the Clinical Status Quo? Scott B. Reeder, M.D., Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI, USA
13:50 An FDA Perspective on Low Field MRI Systems Jana G. Delfino, Ph.D.
Food & Drug Administration
Silver Spring, MD, USA
14:10 Panel Discussion: How Low Field Could Change My Clinical Practice Jay Acharya, M.D.
Wiphada Patricia Bandettini, M.D.
Mai-Lan Ho, M.D.
Susan Hopkins, M.D., Ph.D.
Kathryn S. Milks, M.D.
John C. Wood, M.D., Ph.D.
Session 9: Abstract Power Pitches
Moderators: Mark A. Griswold, Ph.D. & Kathryn Keenan, Ph.D.

Power Pitch Session

14:50 T.B.A.  

15:30 Break & Speaker Upload Available
Poster Viewing Session
Session 10: Filling a Clinical Niche
Moderators: Scott Reeder, M.D., Ph.D. & Jens Vogel-Claussen, M.D.
16:30 Unmet Needs in Lung Imaging Askan A. Malayeri, M.D.
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, MD, USA
16:50 Imaging Implants: Artifacts & Safety Brian A. Hargreaves, Ph.D.
Stanford University
Stanford, CA, USA
17:10 The Current Clinical Status of MRI-Guided Radiotherapy Yingli Yang, Ph.D.
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Proffered Papers - Oral Session

17:30 T.B.A.  
17:42 T.B.A.  
17:54 T.B.A.  
18:06 Adjournment
Day 3 – Wednesday, 30 September 2020 – No CME Available
07:00 Breakfast (until 08:30)
Registration & Speaker Upload Available
Session 11: Reconstruction & Image Processing
Moderators: Justin P. Haldar, Ph.D. & Peter Kellman, Ph.D.
08:30 Compressed Sensing at Low Field Rizwan Ahmad, Ph.D.
Ohio State University
Columbus, OH, USA
08:50 The Role of AI for Low-Field MRI Florian Knoll, Ph.D.
New York University
New York, NY, USA
09:10 Highlights From the Denoising Challenge Peng Hu, Ph.D.
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA, USA
09:20 Winner of the “Denoising Challenge” Presents Their Method T.B.A.

Proffered Papers - Oral Session

09:40 T.B.A.  
09:52 T.B.A.  
10:04 T.B.A.  
10:16 T.B.A.  
10:28 T.B.A.  
10:40 Break & Speaker Upload Available
Session 12: Point-of-Care Imaging
Moderators: Juliano de Lara Fernandes, M.D., Ph.D. & Lawrence Wald, Ph.D.
11:10 The Role of Dedicated Scanners for Brain, Heart, Ortho, Pediatrics/Neonatal Charles Dumoulin, Ph.D.
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, OH, USA
11:30 Portable Scanners from an International Perspective Shaoying Huang, Ph.D.
Singapore University of Technology & Design
11:50 The Technology Requirements for Point-of-Care & Portable Imaging Clarissa Z. Cooley, Ph.D.
Massachusetts General Hospital
Charlestown, MA, USA
Session 12: Wrap-Up Discussion
Moderators: Adrienne Campbell-Washburn, Ph.D. & Orlando Simonetti, Ph.D.
12:10 Panel Discussion: Future Outlook Kathryn Keenan, Ph.D.
John Mugler, III, Ph.D.
Krishna Nayak, Ph.D.
Peng Hu, Ph.D.
Andrew Webb, Ph.D.
13:00 Adjournment & Box Lunches

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