Neuroimaging Biomarkers of Psychiatric Disorders:
What are They?
Hotel Schloss Montabaur, Montabaur, Germany



  Day 1 - Thursday, 13 October 2011  
16:00 Registration  
18:00 Dinner & Reception  
  Opening Session  
  Moderator: Gabriele R. Ende, Ph.D.  
20:00 Neuroimaging Biomarkers of Psychiatric Disorders: Their Importance & Need - permission withheld Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, M.D., Ph.D.
Central Institute of Mental Health
Mannheim, Germany

  Day 2 - Friday, 14 October 2011  
07:00 Breakfast & Registration  
08:30 Study Group Business Meeting (Members Only)  
09:00 Welcome Gabriele R. Ende, Ph.D.
Central Institute of Mental Health
Mannheim, Germany
  Session 1  
  Moderators: Gabriele R. Ende, Ph.D. & Alena Horska, Ph.D.  
  Keynote I  
09:15 Neuroimaging Biomarkers: Methodological Overview Elena A. Allen, Ph.D.
The MIND Research Network
Albuquerque, NM, USA
  Keynote II  
10:05 Molecular Imaging: Overview with Emphasis on Brain - permission withheld Martin G. Pomper, M.D., Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD, USA
11:00 Break  
  Open Oral Session 1: Proffered Papers  
11:30 Seed-Based Functional Connectivity Analysis of the Emotional Circuitry: Improving the Signal of Vulnerable Regions with Spin-Echo Planar Imaging Roberto Goya-Maldonado, M.D.
Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry
Munich, Germany
11:45 Single Voxel 1H MRS at 7T: Initial Experience in Healthy Young Children & ADHD Patients Alena Horska, Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD, USA
12:00 The Human Habenula: High-Resolution MRI & Diffusion Imaging In Vivo at 7T - Author unable to present
Barbara M. Strotman, Ph.D. Cand.
Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive & Brain Science
Leipzig, Germany
12:15 The Payback of Physical Exercise on Hippocampal Volume & Metabolism in Humans & Rodents Wolfgang Weber-Fahr, Ph.D.
Central Institute of Mental Health (ZI)
Mannheim, Germany
12:30 Glucose Metabolism Detection in the Mouse Brain 9.4T using [1-13C] glucose & a 13C-cryo-coil: Preliminary Results Markus Sack, Dipl.Phys.
Central Institute of Mental Health (ZI)
Mannheim, Germany
12:45 Lunch  
  Session 2  
  Moderators: Laura M. Rowland, Ph.D. & Dikoma C. Shungu, Ph.D.  
  Keynote III  
14:15 Biomarkers of Neurotransmitter Abnormalities 1: PET Neuroreceptors Approaches, with or without MRI & MRS as Complements Lawrence S. Kegeles, M.D., Ph.D.
Columbia University
New York, NY, USA
  Open Oral Session 2: Proffered Papers  
15:10 A Case against Reported In Vivo Increases of Glutamine in Schizophrenia or with Ketamine Dikoma C. Shungu, Ph.D.
Weill Medical College of Cornell University
New York, NY, USA
15:25 Decreased GABA Levels Across Pediatric Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Vilma Gabbay, M.D.
New York University School of Medicine
New York, NY, USA
15:40 GABA, Glutamate & Glutamine as Biomarkers in Studies of Antidepressants & Anxiolytics Michael E. Henry, M.D.
St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center
Boston, MA, USA
15:55 1H MRS Measurement of Cortical Glutathione as a Biomarker of Cerebral Oxidative Stress in Major Depressive Disorder Nora Weiduschat, M.D., M.P.H.
Weill Medical College of Cornell University
New York, NY, USA
16:10 Break  
16:40 Translational Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Reveals Excessive Central Glutamate Levels during Alcohol Withdrawal in Humans & Rats Wolfgang Weber-Fahr, Ph.D.
Central Institute of Mental Health (ZI)
Mannheim, Germany
16:55 GABA Predicts Inhibition of Frequency-Specific Oscillations in Schizophrenia Laura M. Rowland, Ph.D.
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD, USA
  Keynote IV  
17:10 Functional MRI with Molecular Imaging Agents Alan P. Jasanoff, Ph.D.
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA, USA
  Special Vendor Presentation (No CME credit offered for this session)
18:05 Biograph mMR - Integrated Simultaneous MR & PET Imaging Jürgen Kampmeier, M.D.
Siemens AG, Healthcare Sector
Erlangen, Germany
19:00 Dinner  

  Day 3 - Saturday, 15 October 2011  
07:00 Breakfast & Registration  
  Session 3  
  Moderators: Jeffry R. Alger, Ph.D. & Rex E. Jung, Ph.D.  
  Keynote V  
08:00 Value of Multiple Neuroimaging Biomarkers in Psychiatry: An Overview Mary L. Phillips, M.D.
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  Keynote VI  
08:55 Multimodal Biomarkers of Structural & Functional Integrity: DTI, fMRI, MRS, VBM, PET Declan G. Murphy, M.D., F.R.C.Psych.
King’s College London, Institute of Psychiatry
London, England, UK
  Open Oral Session 3: Proffered Papers  
09:50 A Meta-Analysis on Current Imaging Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease Alexandre Savio, Ph.D. Cand.
Universidad del País Vasco
San Sebastian, Spain
10:05 Diffusion Tensor Imaging Can Assist Diagnosis of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Pattern Classification Approach Xiao-Qi Juliana Huang, Ph.D.
Huaxi MR Research Centre
Chengdu, China
10:20 Altered Interhemispheric & Temporal Lobe White Matter Microstructural Organization in Chronic Schizophrenia Laurena Holleran, M.Sc.
National University of Ireland
Galway, Ireland
10:35 Working Memory Brain Activity Pattern Predicts Improvement of Negative Symptoms in Antipsychotic-Naïve Schizophrenia Patients Treated with Quetiapine Ayna Nejad, M.Sc.
Danish Research Center for MR
Hvidovre, Denmark
10:50 Break  
  Temporal Fractal Dimension as Biomarker of Schizophrenia–Author unable to present Anna Barnes, Ph.D.
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, England, UK
11:20 Regional Gray Matter Reduction of Cerebellar Volume in Male Violent Offenders with Schizophrenia: A Voxel-Based Morphometric Study Danlin Shen, M.Sc.
West China Hospital of Sichuan University
Chengdu, Sichuan, China
11:35 What Happens to the Brain during Early Withdrawal? Partial Regeneration of Brain Volume during 14 days of Abstinence Julia van Eijk, Ph.D.
Central Institute of Mental Health (ZI)
Mannheim, Germany
11:50 Proton & Phosphorus MR Spectroscopy Reveal Metabolic Changes with Potential Deleterious Effects on Gray Matter of Adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa Ulrich K. B. Pilatus, Ph.D.
Institut für Neuroradiologie
Frankfurt, Germany
12:05 Longitudinal Evaluation of Brain Chemistry in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder with MR Spectroscopic Imaging Neva M. Corrigan, Ph.D.
University of Washington
Seattle, WA, USA
12:20 Inositol as a Biomarker of Current Intellectual Deficit in Schizophrenia Rex E. Jung, Ph.D.
University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
Albuquerque, NM, USA
12:35 Two-Dimensional Short-TE Proton Echo Planar Spectroscopic Imaging of Adolescents with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Jeffry R. Alger, Ph.D.
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Los Angeles, CA, USA
12:50 Lunch  
14:30 Social Event  
19:00 Dinner  

  Day 4 - Sunday, 16 October 2011  
07:00 Breakfast & Registration  
  Session 4  
  Moderators: Stephen R. Dager, M.D. & John D. Port, M.D., Ph.D.  
  Keynote VII  
08:30 Emerging Biomarkers: Imaging Genetics - Author unable to present Udo Dannlowski, M.D.
University of Münster
Münster, Germany
  Open Oral Session 4: Proffered Paper  
09:25 CACNA1C is Associated with Increased Cortical Thickness in the Right Anterior Insula – An Imaging Genetics Study Using a Discovery & a Replication Sample Olivier Grimm, M.D.
Central Institute of Mental Health
Mannheim, Germany
  Keynote Lecture  
09:40 Peripheral vs. Central Biomarkers: Do They Correlate? Christoph W. Turck, Ph.D.
Max-Planck-Institute of Psychiatry
Munich, Germany
10:55 Summary & Discussion  
11:30 Adjournment

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