ISMRM Scientific Workshop: 
Improving Cancer Treatment  with Advanced MR

Chaminade Conference Center, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
19-22 September 2010



This 2.5 day workshop will cover the latest advances in the application of MR to cancer research, and will feature invited scientific presentations, proffered papers, a poster session, debates, and the Negendank memorial lecture on a special topic of clinical relevance.
Educational Objectives

At the conclusion of the meeting participants should be able to

     Describe standard cancer treatment strategies;
     List current challenges for obtaining individualized cancer treatment;
     Compare and evaluate several newly emerging Cancer MR biomarkers;
     List four independent MR assessments of treatment effects;
     Assess the role of MR in evaluating new cancer drugs;
     Effectively deliver MR information to clinicians so they can make best use of it for cancer treatment assessment;
     Explain how PET and MR may be used to improve patient treatment; and
     Compare two MR approaches for clinical routine evaluation of treatment response.
Audience Description

This workshop will be presented at an intermediate advanced skill level, and is designed for:

  Basic scientists and physicians who use MR in cancer research;
Clinicians (oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, surgeons);
Industry scientists employing MR imaging and spectroscopy in pharmaceutical or contrast agent/molecular imaging companies;
Basic scientists and physicians with particular interests in methodological development of in vivo MRS and MRI; and
Basic scientists and physicians using MR in drug research.