ISMRM WORKSHOP SERIES ~ 06-08 March 2015

ISMRM Workshop on Non-Contrast Cardiovascular MRI
Long Beach, CA, USA



This workshop will, for the first time, focus on non‐contrast‐enhanced (NCE) cardiovascular MR (CMR) research, reflecting the growing interest in the area from both research and clinical communities. The program will cover the latest technical developments and clinical applications in NCE CMR. An emphasis will be placed on translational research, exploring ways in which we can utilize the NCE CMR technique to benefit patients in a clinical setting. In addition to invited presentations, the program will include proffered oral and poster presentations and panel discussions. This workshop may lead to a series of NCE CMR workshops in the future.



The audience will consist primarily of scientists, clinicians, and trainees who are interested in understanding, developing and applying NCE CMR techniques. Participants will come from both academic and industrial settings, as well as governmental and non‐governmental research organizations.


Workshop attendees will gain an understanding of:
  • Define the underlying principles of different NCE CMR techniques;
  • Gain insights of the advantages of NCE CMR over contrast‐enhanced (CE) CMR; and
  • Describe applications which benefit from individual techniques.