The poster session will take place on Tuesday, 27 Jan., from 15:30 to 16:30. Odd numbered posters will be presented during the first 30 minutes, and even numbered posters during the second 30 minutes.

Poster # Author   Poster Title
1 Kenneth O. Johnson, Ph.D.   Spiral Projection Imaging fMRI at 3T
2 Youngkyoo Jung, Ph.D.   Multi-shot Interleaved Spiral In/Out Acquisition for bSSFP fMRI
3 Michael Lustig, Ph.D.   Compressive, Non-parametric Chemical-Shift-Based Rapid Fat/Water Imaging
4 Ryan K. Robison, M.S.   Analysis of T1 Weighted Spiral Projection Imaging
5 Michael Salerno, M.D., Ph.D.   Myocardial Perfusion Imaging Using Spiral Trajectories
6 Cornelius von Morze, Ph.D.   Feasibility of SNR Enhancement in Flyback Echo Planar Spectroscopic Imaging Through Parallel Imaging with Application to Hyperpolarized 13C Metabolic Imaging
7 Kang Wang, M.S.   Accelerated 3D Time-Resolved MR Angiography Using Cartesian HYPR LR Reconstruction
8 Kevin Johnson   Accelerated Time Resolved Inflow Imaging with 3D Radial bSSFP
9 Ryan Chamberlain   Improved High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using a Cylindrical k-space Sampling Method
10 Ajit Devaraj, M.Sc.   A Method To Measure Gradient Delay Due To Gradient Coupling
11 Hui Han, Ph.D.   Pure Phase Encode Based Gradient Monitor with NMR Microprobes
12 Joelle E. Sarlis, Ph.D.   Method for Correcting Shifts in Radial Trajectories for Diffusion-Weighted MRI
13 Christopher Sica, B.S.E.   In-Vivo Quantification of Concomitant Gradient Off-Resonance Correction with SPAMM Tagging
14 Curtis A. Corum, Ph.D.   Doubly-Gated (Excitation and Acquisition) Effects in SWIFT
15 Julian R. Maclaren, Ph.D.   Correction of Residual Errors After Prospective Motion Correction
16 Jason K. Mendes, M.Sc.   Rigid-Body Motion and Rotation Correction With Self Navigated MRI
17 Jian Zhang, M.S.   Quantitative Evaluation and Optimization of 3P-Spiral Navigators for 3D PROspective MOtion (PROMO)
18 Anne L. Martel, Ph.D.   Removing Undersampling Artifacts from Golden-Angle Projection Reconstructed Images Using Multivariate Techniques
19 Jun Miao, M.Sc.   Anisotropic Kernel Support for Improved Highly Accelerated GRAPPA Imaging
20 Gerrit Schultz   Truncation Artifacts in Cartesian PatLoc Reconstruction
21 Brad P. Sutton, Ph.D.   SENSE Reconstruction with Field Map Acquisition and Correction for Multiparametric 3D Structural Imaging
22 Charles McKenzie, Ph.D.   Quantification of Artefact in Parallel MRI Reconstruction by Point Spread Function Analysis
23 Nicholas R. Zwart, M.S.   Separable Gridding Reconstruction for Spiral Trajectories
24 Liyong Chen   POCS-Based Reconstruction for Dynamic MRI
25 Edward DiBella, Ph.D.   Regularization for DCE Cardiac MRI: Comparison of Data-Driven and General Priors
26 Quanzheng Li, Ph.D.   Simultaneous Estimation of Dynamic Cardiac MR Images and Deformation Maps
27 Huimin Wu, M.S.   Analytical Prediction of the Accuracy of HYPR LR in CE MRA
28 Eric Aboussouan, M.Sc.   Blade by Blade Compressed Sensing for PROPELLER
29 Ganesh Adluru, B.E.   Lp (0<p<1) Constrained Reconstruction of MR Data
30 Christine S. Law, M.S.E.E.   Toward 0-norm Reconstruction by Convex Iteration
31 Nicole E. Seiberlich, Ph.D.   CASHCOW: A Generalized GRAPPA Approach to Non-Cartesian Parallel Imaging
32 Jerome Yerly, M.Sc.   Catheter Visualization for Endovascular MR: Compressive Sampling versus POCS for Different Sampling Schemes
33 Ethan K. Brodsky, Ph.D.   Frequency Response of Spectrally Undersampled Acquisitions
34 Rachel Wai-Chung Chan, B.A.Sc.   Halton Sequences for Adaptive 3D Radial Sampling
35 Shawn J. Kisch   Effect of k-space Sampling Pattern on SNR in Parallel MRI Accelerated IDEAL Sequences
36 Maria Magnusson   Radial k-Space Sampling: Step Response Using Different Filtering Techniques

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