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Workshop on Cerebral Perfusion and Brain Function:
Novel Techniques and Applications
Bahia Othon Palace Hotel
Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
28 July - 1 August 2007


Day 1: Sunday, July 29, 2007

Time Category Spealer Title

Welcome (Afonso Silva / Fahmeed Hyder)


Session 1: Arterial Spin Labeling: Technical Updates

08:05 Introduction   Afonso Silva and James Ewing (Chairs)
08:10 Invited Talk Xavier Golay Novel Developments in Perfusion MRI
08:40 Proffered Talk Jiongjiong Wang Dynamic Time Courses of Water Exchange across Blood-Brain Barrier Revealed by Diffusion-Weighted Perfusion MRI
08:55 Proffered Talk Matthias Guenther Encoded Continuous Arterial Spin Labeling
09:10 Proffered Talk Wen-Ming Luh Pseudo-continuous Arterial Spin Labeling for Whole Brain at High Field Strength with Reduced SAR and Velocity-matched Modulation - not available
09:25 Invited Talk Lalith Talagala ASL at High Magnetic Field Strengths
09:55     Coffee Break

Session 2: DSC-MRI: Technical Updates

10:10 Introduction   Leif Ostergaard and Tim Carroll (Chairs)
10:15 Invited Talk Fernando Calamante Current status of DSC-MRI quantification witn an intact BBB
10:45 Proffered Talk Jeffry Alger Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast MRI Cerebral Blood Flow Imaging with Positron Emission Tomography Correlation in Traumatic Brain Injury
11:00 Proffered Talk Egbert Bleeker Arterial input functions from the middle cerebral artery. Where should we select voxels for an accurate AIF?
11:15 Proffered Talk Matus Straka Evaluation of AIF and VOF for Quantitative Brain Perfusion DSC MRI - ABSTRACT ONLY
11:30 Invited Talk Douglas Prah Current status of DSC-MRI quantification with BBB leakage
12:00     Lunch

Day 2: Monday, July 30, 2007

Time Category Spealer Title

Welcome (Afonso Silva / Fahmeed Hyder)


Session 5: Brain Function and Physiology

08:05 Introduction   Douglas Rothman and Wei Chen (Chairs)
08:40 Proffered Talk Dardo Tomasi Abnormal Thalamo-Cortical Activation during working memory and visual attention in Cocaine Abusers
08:55 Proffered Talk Geon-Ho Jahng Investigation of Regional Differences of Acupuncture Effects by Using Functional MRI
09:10 Proffered Talk Lynn Ho A preliminary study of negative BOLD activity using a novel inhibitory motor task
09:40 Proffered Talk Aviv Mezer Characterization of  the Brain Resting State fMRI 
09:55 Invited Talk Bharat Biswal Connectivity in the resting brain
10:25     Coffee Break

Session 6: fMRI and Technique Developments

10:40 Introduction   Bharat Biswal and Fernando Boada (Chairs)
10:45 Invited Talk Jeff Duyn Parallel MRI and fMRI at High Fields
11:15 Proffered Talk Maria Falangola Nongaussian Diffusion Patterns of Brain Tissue Microstructure
11:30 Proffered Talk Wouter Teeuwisse Transversal Relaxation Effects on Arterial Spin Labeling Investigated by Dual Echo Pseudo Continuous 
11:45 Proffered Talk Mauricio Sercheli New EEG-fMRI analysis: an extensive BOLD signal search
12:00 Proffered Talk Heiko Schmiedeskamp Improvements In Parallel Imaging Accelerated fMRI
12:15 Proffered Talk Xiang He Transverse Relaxation of Perfusion MRI Signal
12:30     Lunch

Session 3: Heteronuclear MRS

13:25 Introduction   Fahmeed Hyder and Kamil Uludag (Chairs)
13:30 Invited Talk Douglas Rothman 13C spectroscopy
14:00 Invited Talk Wei Chen 17O spectroscopy - not available
14:30 Invited Talk Fahmeed Hyder Energetics of Neural Signaling and fMRI Activity
15:00 Proffered Talk Carlos Garrido A study of 1H MRS of the hippocampal structures in the evaluation of the human temporal lobe epilepsy
15:15 Proffered Talk Antonio Carlos dos Santos Single voxel versus chemical shift imaging 1H MRS techniques in clinical multiple sclerosis evolution
15:30     Coffee

Session 4: Brain Hemodynamics: Animal Models

15:55 Introduction   Fernando Calamante and Seong-Gi Kim (Chairs)
16:00 Invited Talk James Ewing Measuring Tumor Blood Flow in Animal Models
16:30 Proffered Talk Brige Chugh Planning Labeling Plane Parameters in Mouse Arterial Spin Labeling
16:45 Proffered Talk Fernando F Paiva Functional MRI of the Brain Using Dynamic Arterial Spin Labeling (DASL)
17:00 Proffered Talk Afonso Silva fMRI Responses to Somatosensory Stimulation in Awake Marmosets
17:15 Invited Talk Bruce Jenkins Animal Models of Drug Abuse and Parkinson's Disease
17:45     Social Poster Session 1

Day 3: Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Time Category Spealer Title

Welcome (Afonso Silva / Fahmeed Hyder)


Session 7: Cerebral Perfusion: Clinical Applications

08:05 Introduction   Jeff Alger and Hanzhang Lu (Chairs)
08:10 Invited Talk Jiongjiong Wang ASL in Cerebrovascular Disease
08:40 Proffered Talk Afonso Silva fMRI Responses to Somatosensory Stimulation in Awake Marmosets
08:55 Proffered Talk Jeroen Hendrikse Perfusion territory imaging: methods and clinical applications of selective ASL.
09:10 Proffered Talk Steven Sourbron Differentiation of brain tumors and treatment effects using quantitative perfusion and permeability measurements obtained with DCE-MRI
09:25 Invited Talk Norbert Schuff ASL in Neurodegenerative Diseases
09:55     Coffee Break

Session 8: Cerebral Perfusion: Clinical Applications

10:10 Introduction   Jiongjiong Wang and Glyn Johnson (Chairs)
10:15 Invited Talk Ona Wu (for Greg Sorenson) DSC-MRI of Brain Tumors
10:45 Proffered Talk Soren Christensen Does Use of Local Arterial Input Functions Improve Final Infarct Prediction in Acute Stre?
11:00 Proffered Talk Ona Wu Relationship of clinical scores with perfusion deficits and deconvolution techniques
11:15 Proffered Talk Matilde Inglese Hemodynamic Changes at the earliest stage of Multiple Sclerosis: A Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast Perfusion MRI Study
11:30 Invited Talk Leif Ostergaard Latest advances of DSC-MRI in stroke
12:00     Lunch

Session 9: Functional imaging with other contrasts

13:25 Introduction   Allen Song and Jeff Duyn (Chairs)
13:30 Invited Talk Fernando Boada What's New In 23Na Imaging?
14:00 Proffered Talk Nicholas Bock Fractionated MnCl2 Dosing for Non-Invasive Functional Manganese-Enhanced MRI of the Brain
14:15 Proffered Talk Douglas Prah A Potential Functional Contrast Agent: In Vitro Mitochondrial Labeling using Mito-Carboxy Proxyl (Mito-CP) Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging
14:30 Proffered Talk Itamar Ronen White Matter Tract Microstructure as Seen by Diffusion Tensor Spectroscopy; A Possible Link Between Structure and Function
14:45 Proffered Talk Kamil Uludag On the relationship between cerebral blood flow, blood volume and blood oxygenation: the extended balloon model
15:00 Invited Talk Jeff Kershaw Compartmentalized Diffusion Signals and fMRI
15:30     Coffee

Session 10: Brain Hemodynamics: Multi-Modal Approaches

15:55 Introduction   Bruce Jenkin and Seiji Ogawa (Chairs)
16:00 Invited Talk Hanzhang Lu What's Up with VASO?
16:30 Proffered Talk Edson Amaro Studying auditory emotional experience and mirror neurons by simultaneous and interactive fMRI 
16:45 Proffered Talk Sune Jespersen-Mouridsen Modeling the regulation of cerebral oxygen extraction by flow heterogeneity
17:00 Proffered Talk Peter Herman Quantitative CBV with MRI and laser-Doppler measurements
17:15 Proffered Talk Amy Scouten Incorporating the dynamic CSF fraction into VASO-based calculations of CBV change
17:45     Social Poster Session 2

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