ISMRM SCIENTIFIC WORKSHOP ~ 04-07 September 2014

Safety in MRI: Guidelines, Rationale & Challenges
Washington, DC, USA




This three-day workshop on MR Safety will be explored and explained from the perspectives of:
regulatory groups;
clinical practice;
science; and

The workshop will devote separate MR safety days to
the static magnet field (B0);
the switched gradient fields (dB0/dt); and
the radiofrequency field (RF).

Up-to-date, comprehensive education on MR Safety is the goal.

The MR Safety Workshop will feature presentations and discussions lead by topic experts. Additionally, scientific and clinical posters and talks selected from invited abstracts will be presented during the meeting. The workshop will address recent safety issues associated with new technologies such as ultra-high field strength MR systems, parallel transmit systems and high performance gradient systems as used in modern neuroimaging.



This workshop is designed for physicians, physicists, engineers, students, technologists, radiographers and anyone else responsible for safety in MR, in addition to anyone involved in:
  • The development of technology; and
  • guidelines and procedures that will influence MR safety in practice.


Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to:
  • Assess MR safety concerns related to static magnetic fields, time-varying gradient fields and RF fields
  • Interpret and implement current MR safety standards and guidelines
  • Evaluate risks related to the MR safety of implants and devices
  • Interpret the risks related to ultra-high magnetic fields
  • Differentiate RF heating patterns of conventional and parallel transmission systems