Dynamic MR Imaging & Spectroscopy of Psychiatric Illness
Lisbon, Portugal



The Dynamic MR Imaging & Spectroscopy of Psychiatric Illness workshop will focus on both the underlying dynamic nature of psychiatric disease as it evolves throughout the lifetime of the patient, as well as the use of MRI and MRS techniques to study that evolution. A kickoff session on the first night will outline the developmental trajectories of several psychiatric diseases throughout the life of the patient. The next two-and-a-half days will include sessions discussing our MR tools (MRI and MRS) in the context of fluctuating psychiatric disease, evaluating two different timeframes: “semi-dynamic” where MRI/MRS is performed within subjects measuring changes occurring in weeks-to-years’ timeframe, and “dynamic” where MRI/MRS is performed in subjects measuring changes occurring in a minute-by-minute timeframe.



This workshop is designed for: Members of the Psychiatric MR Spectroscopy & Imaging Study Group, basic scientists and physicians using neuroimaging in psychiatry research and psychiatrists interested in the possibilities of various imaging methods in psychiatry.


Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to:
  • Describe the temporal evolution of several different psychiatric disorders over the course of a patient’s lifetime;
  • Evaluate the currently available, established or emerging MRI and MRS techniques in the context of evolving psychiatric disorders;
  • Choose the MRI/MRS techniques that best assess the known neurochemical, structural and functional differences between patients with psychiatric disorders and normals;
  • Describe the potential appropriate use of these neuroimaging methods in the individualized diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders; and
  • Develop high quality single or multimodal MRI/MRS imaging studies in psychiatric disorders.