Ultra High Field MRI: What is in Full Bloom & What is Sprouting?
Noordwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands



The Ultra High Field MRI workshop will cover the latest advances in high field MRI and will also reveal the status of clinical ultra high field (UHF) MRI. We will include teaching sessions and overview presentations by invited speakers while providing time for discussion both in the form of poster presentations and panel sessions. The workshop will start with an opportunity for hands-on exercises distributed over four Ultra High Field sites located relatively close to the workshop venue.

In addition we hope to attract clinicians who are already working or who are contemplating working at Ultra High Field.


This workshop is designed for: Students and Basic Scientists using or considering use of Ultra High Field MRI, Clinicians (radiologists, cardiologists, neurologists & surgeons) and Neuroscientists with an interest in fMRI.


Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to:
  • Assess the clinical applications that benefit from UHF MRI;
  • [When applicable] predict the impact upon their practice related to the potential of UHF MRI in neuroscience;
  • [When applicable] Evaluate the impact upon body, cardiac and musculoskeletal MRI from emerging UHF technology;
  • Infer the potential impact and challenges that UHF body MRI will bring to B1 steering techniques; and
  • Recognize the impact of spatial and temporal B0 fluctuations.