FEBRUARY 2014 • Vol. 3, Issue 1

Get a Virtual Life

Steven P. Shannon, R.T., (R)(MR)
Chair, Social Media Subcommittee

"The SMRT has also made improvements to the home webpage by offering more on-line content."
The Social Media Subcommittee is finally official! Greg Brown from Australia and a few of his friends and colleagues have been instrumental in moving the SMRT into the use of social media. You may have seen SMRT items on Facebook and Twitter over the past couple of years. The SMRT is embracing this concept and is moving forward. SMRT has a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SMRT.ISMRM for sharing and announcements. Steve Shannon is the current Chair of the Subcommittee and he is working with his committee to explore other options for Facebook and Twitter, and for additional social media outlets that would be beneficial to SMRT members such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Apps, etc. If you have ideas, please contact one of the Social Media Subcommittee members.

The SMRT Executive Committee, with the special assistance of Jim Stuppino, has been able to acquire the domain SMRT.org. So now, if you type www.smrt.org, you will be forwarded to the SMRT home page (www.ISMRM.org/SMRT). The SMRT has also made improvements to the home webpage by offering more on-line content. The “Chalk Board” on the right hand center of the page is a link to on-line educational offerings.

Social Media Subcommittee:
Chair: Steve Shannon (United States/Canada)
Director: (President-elect): Maureen Hood (United States)
Officer (Publications Chair): Vanessa Orchard (United Kingdom)
Members: Greg Brown (Australia), Andrea Forneris (Italy), John Posh (United States), Liana Rocha (Brazil), Nina Salman (United Kingdom), Barry Southers (United States).