Educational Seminars

3rd Annual Scottish Chapter Meeting
23 April 2016, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Northwest Chapter Regional Educational Seminar
18 June 2016, Bellevue, WA, USA

Great Lakes Chapter Regional Educational Seminar
16 July 2016, Madison, WI, USA

Kentucky Chapter Regional Educational Seminar
13 August 2016, Covington, KY, USA

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Who We Are

The Section for Magnetic Resonance Technologists (SMRT) strives to be the leading professional organization in the medical imaging community providing education, professional advice and support for magnetic resonance (MR) technologists and radiographers throughout the world. The SMRT operates as a section of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) and aims to promote a high level of professionalism in the field of MR technology and radiography.

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