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MR Safety Week Virtual Meeting:
MR Safety in Physics, Physiology and Practice Plus Practical Advice on Active Implants

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In the presentation of ‘Understanding MRI safety: Physics, Physiology and Practice’, the interaction between the physical principles of the three types of magnetic fields in the MRI environment, viz., the static magnetic field, time-varying spatial field gradient, and radio-frequency magnetic fields, and their interactions with the biologic tissue will be highlighted. This understanding can guide the development of policies and procedures that can help create a safe MR environment for patients, staff, and support personnel. From this presentation, the audience will understand the characteristics of the three main magnetic fields in the MR environment and a framework for creating MRI safe policies and procedures.

The presentation of ‘Active Implant MRI Safety’ will provide a review of the process to clear active implants, with a focus on pacemakers. The audience will have an understanding of how to analyze the vendor documentation to identify what is relevant for the technologist to ensure that examinations are performed safely.


Sonja K. Boiteaux, MS, RT(R)(MR), MRSO, CHC
Brandy Willis, MBA, RT(R)(MR)


Understanding MRI Safety: Physics, Physiology and Practice

Raja Muthupillai, PhD, DABR, DABMP, MRSE
Live Healthy Imaging
Bellaire, TX, United States

Active Implant MRI Safety

Seferino Romo, AAS, RT(R)(MR)(ARRT)
Memorial Hermann Hospital – Texas Medical Center
Houston, TX, United States

Joint SMRT & ISMRM PET-MRI Study Group Virtual Meeting:
PET-MRI Acquisition/Reconstruction Harmonization

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Presentation 1: Dementia Platform UK PET-MR Harmonisation Study
In the UK a network of 8 PET-MR scanners has been set up for dementia scanning, 3 Siemens mMR and 5 GE Signa scanners. However for future clinical trials, it is important to reduce variability of measurements through the harmonisation of scanning protocols, and to characterise the repeatability and reproducibility of these measurements. Following the design of harmonised protocols, a travelling volunteer test-retest study is currently being conducted using the amyloid radiotracers, [18F]flutemetamol and [18F]florbetaben. The presentation will describe the study design, the many challenges that had to be met, and hopefully some preliminary results from the [18F]flutemetamol arm of the study which finished on the 26th July 2021.

Presentation 2: Harmonization of PET in simultaneous PET/MR and Path to Qualification
The talk will present in one part an approach and its results to perform Harmonization of PET in simultaneous PET/MR in which we use NEMA phantom data acquired in a standard and controlled manner at two sites equipped with a Siemens mMR and a GE Signa PET/MR scanner. PET data were reconstructed by systematically varying image reconstruction parameters of number of iteration and filtration level and the best agreement between the reconstruction were found by evaluating the root mean square difference (RMSD) in contrast recovery coefficients (CRC). In a second part of the talk, an approach will be presented as a possible path to site qualifications of PET/MR scanners for multicenter brain imaging studies without the use of phantom to validate the accuracy of attenuation correction.


Udunna Anazodo, Ph.D.
Kylie Walters, B.Appl.Sc.,M.H.Sc.(MRS)(MRI)


  • Appreciate the academic and clinical potential of acquisition and data harmonization in PET-MRI;
  • Identify the unique demands of PET-MRI acquisition and reconstruction harmonization; and
  • Develop PET-MR protocols or processes with this knowledge to better inform referring clinicians and the patients and/or their carers.

Dementia Platform UK PET-MR Harmonisation Study

Julian Matthews, Ph.D.
University of Manchester
Manchester, United Kingdom

Harmonization of PET in Simultaneous PET/MR and Path to Qualification

Richard Laforest, Ph.D.
Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis, MO, United States

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