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SMRT Virtual Meeting in Collaboration with the ISMRM MR in Radiation Therapy Study Group:
MRI and Its Role in Radiation Therapy Planning

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Moderators: Cynthia Eccles D.Phil & Glenn Cahoon, MSc., FSMRT


The role of MRI in radiation therapy is not like that of diagnostic medical imaging, medical research, or any other traditional or conventional context. Diagnostic imaging prioritizes morphology and signal enabled tissue typing. While lesion size, shape, and signal are key goals in this typical environment, the exact location of that lesion in space is not. Radiation therapy planning has very different goals in MRI to what most of us are used to. The diagnosis has already been made, and is no longer required. What is required is the ability to accurately, precisely, and repeatedly predict the exact location in space, of the gross tumour volume so as to prescribe a precise external beam of radiation. This ability is enabled only by equally precise distortion correction methods, reproducible patient positioning, and appropriate signal choice and parameters for gross tumour volume identification. This in turn creates a broad but heavy demand for quality assurance not previously seen in the MRI environment, such that MRI guided radiation therapy planning would not succeed without it.


  • Recognize the quality assurance demands in a radiation therapy planning MRI department;
  • Implement processes or people to develop, test, and validate the spatial accuracy of the MRI system for this context; and
  • Identify the sequences and parameters best used to meet the new goals of MRI in the context of radiation therapy planning.

Presentation 1:

Quality Assurance for MRI in Radiation Therapy Planning
Maria Schmidt, Ph.D.

Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
Sutton, United Kingdom

Presentation 2:

The Goals for MR Imaging in Radiation Therapy Planning
Kate Skehan B. Med. Rad. Sc

Calvary Mater Hospital
Newcastle, NSW, Australia

SMRT Virtual Meeting:
MRI Safety: Scanning of Active Implants

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Moderators: Anne Dorte Blankholm, Ph.D., M.Sc., Radiographer, MRSO & Titti Owman, R.N.(R)(CT)(MR)FSMRT


This meeting is to present recent safety updates to help with the safe scanning of MR conditional implanted devices, both passive and active, and also a presentation on the more focused technical processes involved with conducting a safe scan in the context of cochlear or brainstem implants. These presentations are complimentary but also intimately related, and will have valuable information and experience to be used in clinical practice across the application of MRI with implanted devices. This is an expanding field and a high level of knowledge of the interactions between all implants, particularly the active, and magnetic resonance systems is mandatory for safe and responsible scanning on a growing cohort of patients.


  • Appreciate the differences and technical consequences between passive and active implants;
  • Identify and explain the technical aspects to protocol or sequence parameters required for safe scanning of implants; and
  • Apply those changes in a dynamic way for broad application and utility of MRI in this context.

Presentation 1:

MRI Information for Passive and Active Implants
Frank G. Shellock, Ph.D.,FACR, FISMRM, FACC

Inst. for MR Safety, Education, and Research
Playa del Rey, CA, United States

Presentation 2:

MRI with Cochlear Implants
Ilse Joubert Patterson, B.Rad.(MR)

Addenbrooke’s Hospital
Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

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