Contact the ISMRM & SMRT Central Office:

2300 Clayton Road, Suite 620
Concord, California, 94520

Tel: +1 510-841-1899
Fax: +1 510-841-2340

Central Office Staff Email Addresses:

Executive Director
Roberta A. Kravitz

Director of Finance
Mariam Barzin

Accounting Coordinator & Registrar
Kristina King

Director of IT & Web
Sally Moran

IT & Web Coordinator
John Celio

Director of Education
Melissa Simcox

Education Coordinator
Gerardo Mopera

Director of Membership & Study Groups
Stephanie M. Haaf

Membership Coordinator
Ronald Low

Director of Meetings
Anne-Marie Kahrovic

Meetings Coordinator
Shan Teague

Marketing Coordinator
Ellen del Rosario

Office Coordinator
Liz Tharpe