ISMRM Virtual Meetings

🕗 All virtual meetings begin at 08:00 PDT/11:00 EDT/17:00 CEST, unless otherwise noted. Registration closes the day before the meeting at noon Pacific time.

Our Next Virtual Meeting:

SMRT MR Learning Lab
Title: The Principles, Challenges & Applications of Diffusion Weighted Imaging in the Body

Date: Thursday, 21 Nov 2019  •  Time: 13:00 PST, 16:00 EST, 08:00 AEDT (22 Nov)
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Speaker 1: Michael Kean R.T., FSMRT
Royal Children’s Hospital
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Title: Diffusion Imaging of the Body: Concepts and Technical Challenges

Speaker 2: Eric P Sigmund Ph.D.
New York University, Department of Radiology, Langone Medical Center
New York, NY, USA

Title: DWI in the Body: Applications and Challenges for Oncology Imaging

Moderators: Liana G Sanches-Rocha, M.Sc.(MR)(R); Kurt G Schilling, Ph.D.

Future Virtual Meetings:

ISMRM & SMRT Virtual Meeting
Women in Leadership: Insights from our ISMRM & SMRT MR Community Leaders

Date: Tuesday, 03 Dec 2019  •  Time: 11:30 PST Get your local time here

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Learn from our women in leadership and hear them describe their journeys, greatest accomplishments and advice on how to further your professional career.


Karla L. Miller, Ph.D.
University of Oxford
United Kingdom

Shawna Farquharson, M.Sc.(R)
The Florey Institute of Neuroscience

Roberta A. Kravitz
ISMRM Executive Director
United States

Pia C. Maly Sundgren, M.D., Ph.D.
Lund University


Margaret Hall-Craggs, M.D.
Women in ISMRM Chair

Chris Kokkinos, B.Appl.Sc., Pg.Cert.(MRI)
Past SMRT President

Interventional MR Study Group Virtual Meeting
Date: 05 December 2019

Details Coming Soon

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