CE Track & Transfer for Registered Technologists (R.T.)

The ISMRT makes reporting your CE credits to the ARRT simple. Registered Technologists (R.T.) who complete ISMRT CE activities will have those credits added to their CE record and automatically transferred to the ARRT. Earn your CE credits through ISMRT and we’ll handle your CE Activity Report. Be sure to complete the online form to take advantage of this benefit with the necessary information needed for credit transfer.

Information required to participate in the Track & Transfer program are:

  • ARRT ID#
  • the last four digits of your social security number
  • date of birth (month/year)
  • ARRT biennium renewal date (month/year)

Sixty days prior to your birth month – the end of your ARRT biennium – the ISMRT will begin transferring your credits weekly to the ARRT in preparation for your recertification. This transfer will continue through the end of your birth month. To ensure you have the minimum number of credits needed for recertification you can request a copy of your ISMRT transcript by contacting rhiannon@ismrm.org.