Chapters & Divisions: Your Local Connection to the SMRT

When you join the SMRT, you are eligible to become a member of your local Division. SMRT Divisions are grass-roots organizations that carry out the SMRT’s mission and strategic goals at the community level. They are supported by National Chapters. The SMRT has four National Chapters & 17 Divisions worldwide. Both Chapters and the international organization share and support the same mission, which is to advance global education in the field of magnetic resonance. Chapters work in conjunction with the SMRT to provide outstanding networking, education opportunities, and professional development resources through Chapter and Division educational meetings. Chapters and Divisions support SMRT’s mission and encourage international membership and participation, while promoting educational growth in their profession to their local communities.

Each chapter offers:

  • Professional development and continuing education
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Networking with peers

National Chapters:

Australia & New Zealand



United States 

Chapter Packet (pdf; members only)

Regionals Packet (pdf; members only)