Poster Sessions

This page lists the poster sessions for the ISMRM 8th Scientific Meeting to be held in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., from 3 April to 7 April 2000.

Each link leads to a page which lists the posters that can be viewed during that session, along with the place and time the author of each poster will be present.

All poster sessions will be held in Hall C. 



  1 Young Investigator Awards Finalists
Poster Walking Tours
  2 Angiogenesis
  3 MR Spectroscopy of Degenerative and Inflammatory Brain Disease
  4 RF Coils
  5 Flow Quantification: Methods and Applications
  6 MRI Microscopy
  7 Registration, Segmentation, and Tissue Characterization
  8 Rapid Imaging
  9 MR Angiography: Technique Optimization
Poster Presentations
10 Perfusion: Arterial Spin Labeling - Applications
11 Perfusion: Arterial Spin Labeling -Techniques
12 Perfusion: Contrast Agents - Applications
13 Perfusion: Contrast Agents - Techniques
14 Diffusional Restriction, Compartmentation and Exchange
15 Diffusion Tensor MRI
16 Diffusion MRI: Pulse Sequences and Gradient Optimization
17 Spatio-Temporal Analysis of fMRI
18 Stability and Reproducibility of fMRI
19 Analysis of Single-Event fMRI
20 Statistical Analysis of fMRI Data
21 Multi-Modality fMRI
22 fMRI: Clinical Applications
23 fMRI: Neuroscience Applications
24 fMRI: Animal Models
25 fMRI: Acquisition Methods
26 Quantitative fMRI
27 fMRI: Spatial and Temporal Characteristics
28 pCO2, Perfusion and Motion Effects on fMRI
29 Cells, Body Fluids and Others
30 Tumor Animal Models: MRI and MRS
31 MR Spectroscopy of Brain: Animal Models
32 MR Imaging of Brain Tumors
33 MR Spectroscopy of Brain Tumors
34 MR Imaging of the Head and Neck
35 MR Spectroscopy of Brain
36 MR Spectroscopy of Epilepsy
37 MR Spectroscopy of Stroke
38 MR Spectroscopy of Brain Disorders
39 MR Imaging of Brain - White Matter
40 MR Imaging of Brain - Vascular
41 Carotid and Brain MR Angiography
42 MR Imaging of Neuropsychiatric Disorders, Head Trauma, and Stroke - Vascular
43 MR Imaging of Aging and Degenerative Brain Diseases
44 MR Imaging of Brain: Pharmacological Effects in Animals
45 MR Imaging of Brain Hypoxia and Ischemia: Animal Models
46 Interventional MRI: Mixed
47 Interventional MRI: Thermometry
48 MR Systems & Gradients
49 RF Coils
50 RF Pulses
51 MR Imaging of Genitourinary and Body Oncology
52 Gastrointestinal MR Imaging
53 Rapid Imaging
54 Cardiac and Vascular Image Processing
55 Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
56 MR Imaging of Myocardial Function, Hemodynamics, and Disease
57 MR Imaging of Myocardial Infarction
58 Myocardial Motion and Techniques
59 Coronary MR Angiography
60 Cardiac MR Spectroscopy: Animal Models and Extracts
61 Human Cardiac MR Spectroscopy and Sodium MR Imaging
62 Characterizing Vessel Wall & Plaque
63 Flow Quantification
64 Motion & Artifacts: Field Issues
65 Motion & Artifacts: Other
66 Motion and Artifacts: Cardiovascular and Respiratory
67 Motion & Artifacts: EPI
68 New Sequences and Reconstruction Methods
69 Registration, Segmentation, and Tissue Characterization
70 Data Correction Methods
71 MR Angiography
72 Spectroscopic Localization and Imaging
73 MR Spectroscopy - Other
74 Musculoskeletal MR Spectroscopy
75 MR Spectroscopy of the Abdomen and Pelvis
76 Pediatric MR Spectroscopy
77 Pediatric MR Imaging
78 Spectroscopic Quantitation
79 Quantitative Imaging
80 High Field (>3T): Normal Anatomy
81 Safety and Bioeffects
82 Non-Gadolinium Contrast Agents: Animal Model and Others
83 Contrast Agent Applications
84 New Contrast Agents
85 Novel Contrast Mechanisms
86 Musculoskeletal MR Imaging: Clinical Applications
87 Musculoskeletal MR Imaging
88 Musculoskeletal MR Imaging: Articular Cartilage
89 Musculoskeletal MR Imaging: Bone Structure and Marrow
90 MR Imaging of the Spine
91 Breast MR Imaging
92` Ventilation and Perfusion MRI in the Lung
93 Pre-Clinical Applications of Pulmonary MRI

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