Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB ~ 19-25 May 2007

Unsolved Problems and Unmet Needs in Magnetic Resonance
A Working List


The field of magnetic resonance is increasingly rich and diverse, spanning far too many areas of clinical and research activity for any one person or group to track effectively.  At the annual ISMRM meeting and in many of our professional interactions, we tend to focus on what we or others have recently accomplished in our areas of interest, or else we speculate together on current trends and promising future directions in MR research and practice.  In the midst of all this lively and topical activity, the less satisfying questions of what we cannot but would very much like to achieve with MR receive little concentrated, collective attention.  Discussions of unmet needs and research priorities are often left to funding organizations, which publish periodic “requests for proposals” and “roadmaps” to which many of us as researchers are encouraged to respond.  The process of assessing needs and formulating priorities, however, could very well benefit from broader participation by our MR community at large.  Collective brainstorming about unsolved problems and unmet needs would have the added benefit of promoting interactions between the disparate members of our community, and it might also serve to stimulate innovative solutions.

For all of these reasons, oral sessions devoted to unsolved problems and unmet needs in our field were initiated at the 2006 Seattle meeting of the ISMRM.  This page collects information from the 2006 meeting and subsequent meetings, along with the results of surveys of the ISMRM membership.  It is our hope that this page can serve as a clearing house for ongoing discussion about unsolved problems and unmet needs. The information contained here is offered as a resource for new entrants into the field of magnetic resonance, and as an ongoing challenge for established investigators. 


2005 Survey of ISMRM Study Groups


2006 Oral Sessions

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              Introduction to 2006 oral sessions

2006 program listing with links to each abstract

Tuesday May 9 What are we missing? Seeing through metal and divining with RF coils
07:00-07:15 Daniel Sodickson Introduction
07:15-07:30 Garry Gold Techniques for MR Imaging Near Metallic Implants
07:30-07:45 Florian Wiesinger Prospects of absolute B1 calibration
07:45-08:00 Open Discussion  
Wednesday May 10 Can MRI provide a noninvasive biopsy?
07:00-07:15 Itamar Ronen Cytoarchitectonic MRI: Can MRI Be Used to Quantify Neural Tissue?
07:15-07:30 Valerij Kiselev Tissue Structure through Diffusion and Transverse Relaxation Measurements
07:30-07:45 Derek Jones Unresolved issues in Diffusion and Perfusion MRI: A Consensus from the Study Group
07:45-08:00 Open Discussion  
Thursday May 11 Will new contrast agents revolutionize MRI?
07:00-07:15 Joachim Bargon Exclusively MRI – Based Molecular Imaging: Can Magnetic Labeling of Physiologically…
07:15-07:30 Rachel Katz-Brull Direct Detection of Neuromodulation
07:30-07:45 Timothy Christian Development of Static Tracers for Myocardial Perfusion Imaging by MRI
07:45-08:00 Open Discussion  
Friday May 12 Do we need a virtual scanner and do we understand real ones?
07:00-07:15 Ralf Loeffler Need for a Non-Commercial Open-Source MR Simulator
07:15-07:30 Jinghua Wang Does The Principle Of Reciprocity Hold At High Field MR?
07:30-07:45 Open Discussion  
07:45-08:00 Daniel Sodickson Conclusion


2007 Oral Sessions

  Thursday 24 May  
13:30 Introduction Daniel K. Sodickson M.D., Ph.D.
13:30 Neurospectroscopy Will Miss the Boat - AGAIN: The Unmet Need for Universal Standards and a Database Jan Hövener
13:45 Standard for Interface, Data Collection and Analysis in Interventional MR Keyvan Farahani, Ph.D.
14:00 Barriers to Clinical Implementation of Non-Cartesian MR James Pipe Ph.D.
14:15 Trusting Flow Numbers in MRI: What Will it Take? New Directions Vinay Pai, Ph.D.
14:30 MRI and Implanted Pacemakers: Can the Two Coexist? Warren Dabney, B.S., M.S.
14:45 When is the World Ready for Synthetic MRI? J.B.M. Warntjes, Ph.D.
15:00 A Local Formula for Inhomogeneous Complex Conductivity as a Function of the RF Magnetic Field Adrian I. Nachman, Ph.D.
15:15 Can We Find Reason in Distorted Fields? A Reconciliation Tale for Electromagnetic Fields Doomed to Corruption by Dielectric and Conductive Properties Of Biological Tissue Pierre-Francois van de Moortele, M.D.
15:30 Conclusions Daniel K. Sodickson M.D., Ph.D.

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