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Message from the President

Thomas M. Grist, M.D., FACR
2012-13 ISMRM President
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI, USA

Your patient lies in the magnet—unresponsive—what is the first thing you do?  Check the pulse!

The ISMRM is well, with vigorous perfusion and healthy metabolism, but how can you be sure?  Check the MRPulse! - our revised, updated, and ecologically friendly electronic newsletter.

Many of you will recall the MRPulse, a paper periodical that was intended to enhance communication and awareness of the events in our community.  We are one community of many people from diverse backgrounds distributed all over the world.  How do we strengthen our common bonds, and do so in an ecologically friendly way?

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Members in the News

Keep us updated and let us share your good news with the community in Members in the News!  Keep track of your colleagues as they receive awards, accept appointments and gain recognition around the globe.

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Rising Stars

Every month we plan to highlight one of our outstanding students/trainees.  This month we are pleased to profile Shaihan Malik, the 2012 Young Investigator Award winner of the I. I. Rabi Award for basic science, recently awarded in Melbourne, Australia, at the ISMRM 20th Annual Meeting & Exhibition.

2012 Young Investigator Award
I.I. Rabi Award for Basic Science

Shaihan J. Malik
Imperial College London
Spatially Resolved Extended Phase Graphs: Modeling & Design of Multi-Pulse Sequences with Parallel Transmission

My first exposure to MRI was as a physics student at Cambridge University, where I studied for my bachelors degree My final year project there involved modeling B0 field distortion caused by air-tissue interfaces.  Although the project focused on numerical simulation, I found MR images and the process of their formation fascinating.  To pursue this further, I joined Jo Hajnal’s lab at. . .

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Melbourne Revisited!

We know that many of our members were unable to attend the Melbourne meeting due to its geographic location, and wanting to ensure maximum distribution of the valuable research shared in Melbourne, for this year we have decided to ensure that all members have immediate access rather than waiting until 1 January.  So go to the ISMRM 20th Annual Meeting website and share in the research.  And while there, check out the images from the meeting, as well as see who won what! 

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Events Showcase

September 2012 brings two workshops in the spotlight!

ISMRM Workshop on MR Safety, 5-8 September 2012, in Lund, Sweden

With an increasing number of MR examinations worldwide, it becomes more and more important to keep MR staff well-educated and updated regarding MR safety.  We offer a unique possibility to learn more about clinical MR safety in Lund from experts on basic MR safety, MR safety standards and guidelines, safe clinical practice, MR safety for implants, safety issues at ultra high fields, MR and contrast agents, 3T safety in practice, MR and anaesthesia, international and European rules and regulations and future aspects.

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ISMRM-ASNR Co-Sponsored Workshop on Advanced Brain Imaging, 27-30 September 2012, McLean, VA, USA

After two years of planning, the ISMRM, In collaboration with ASNR, is pleased to present this workshop in McLean, Virginia, USA, in September.  Bringing together imaging scientists who have a strong interest in potential clinical applications of new imaging methods with academic neuroradiologists who have similar interests, we will be presenting a mixture of plenary lectures, breakout sessions and Q&A opportunities.  There will be a half-day session on Controversial Topics, including Challenges in Imaging Brain & Mind, New Bones for Old Dogs, Tomorrow’s Fantasy Techniques, Unexplored Potential Breakthroughs, and Machine Learning & New Analytic Approaches.  We will also address the three major areas of brain imaging—Cognitive Function, Stroke and Brain Tumors-in three half-day Focus Sessions.

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Vol. 1, Issue 1, 16 July 2012

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