SMRT 28th Annual Meeting
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Sunday, 12 May 2019
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Forum 7: Neuro Proffered Papers
  Moderators: Nancy Beluk, R.T. (R) & Shawna Farquharson, M.Sc. (R)
09:25 2nd Place Research Focus Award
Large Outer Volume Suppression (OVS) Slabs Reduce SNR and Metabolite Concentration Estimates in the Single Voxel Spectroscopy (SVS)
Patricia Maishi, B.Tech. (MR)
09:40 1st Place Research Focus Award
Distortion Correction for Diffusion-Weighted Imaging Based on non-rigid Image Registration
Yasuo Takatsu, Ph.D.
09:55 3rd Place Clinical Focus Award
Intracranial Vessel Wall Imaging: Scan Protocol and Sequence Optimization
Kim Hin Lo
10:10 1st Place Clinical Focus Award
Get More 'Bang for your Buck' - How to Optimise a 3D Sequence using Multiple Echoes
Rebecca Glarin, B.Appl.Sc., Pg.Cert. (MRI) MRSO
10:25 Break
Forum 8: Parallel Sessions
  Moderators: Anne Marie Sawyer, BS, R.T. (R)(MR), FSMRT & Ben Statton, M.Sc., B.Appl.Sc. (MedRad)
10:45 Arterial Spin Labeling: Overview and Applications Robert Marc Lebel, Ph.D.
11:15 Palpating the Brain Using MR Elastography Erin Gray, M.H.A., R.T. (R)(MR), MRSO (MRSC)
11:45 CEST: Purpose, Sensitivity, and Specificity Daniel Gochberg, Ph.D.
12:15 Lunch
Forum 9: Presidents' Session
  Moderators: Chris Kokkinos, B.Appl.Sc., Pg.Cert.(MRI) & Shawna Farquharson, M.Sc. (R)
12:50 President's Award Winner:
Monitoring Acute Low Back Pain using 2D Correlated Spectroscopy of the Brain at 3T: A Case Study
Julia Watson, B.Appl.Sc. (MRT)
13:05 President's Lecture:
Exploring Tissue Microarchitecture with Ultra-High Field Diffusion MRI
Denis Le Bihan, M.D., Ph.D.
14:05 End Live Stream
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