Study Groups

Present your working group

Participants are invited to send a presentation of their working group with the names of people and the field of interest in the area of scientific or clinical research. The document, in PDF format, can include figures and pictures, but has to be limited to 2 pages in A4 format. In alternative a single page PDF document with size not too exceed 40 x 60 cm, can be submitted (sample document). All the received presentations will be collected and distributed to participants, at the moment of the registration at the congressional hall. These documents will be used to make an inventory of the fields of interests of the participants and afterword to form working groups within the Italian Chapter. 

Presentations of your working group has to be submitted online to the organizing secretariat.


For additional information contact Valeria Panebianco (Study Groups coordinator) at the following address:


2030 Addison Street, 7th Floor
Berkeley, CA  94704 USA
Tel:  +1 510-841-1899
Fax:  +1 510-841-2340