JULY 2014 • Vol. 3, Issue 3


That the SMRT is a section of the ISMRM who is considered the parent organization?

The SMRT focuses on the needs of the technologists and other professionals that perform the MRI scans (these qualifications vary from country to country).

The SMRT has a growing number of people serving on ISMRM Study Groups, Committees and Outreach programs.

Local Chapters can offer on-line educational CE's to its local chapter members.


You can become an SMRT member at any of the Regional or Chapter meetings listed below www.ismrm.org/smrt

02 August 2014
SMRT 2nd Singapore Radiographers MRI Symposium

05-07 September 2014
ISMRM/SMRT Workshop on Safety in MRI: Guidelines, Rationale & Challenges
Washington, DC, USA

27 September 2014
SMRT Chapter of Atlanta Annual Seminar
Atlanta, GA, USA

27 September 2014
SMRT Northwest Chapter Regional Educational Seminar
Kirkland, WA, USA

04 October 2014
SMRT Greater St. Louis Chapter Regional Educational Seminar
O’Fallon, IL, USA

11 October 2014
3rd Annual Kentucky SMRT Chapter Educational Seminar
Covington, KY, USA

15–16 November 2014
9th Annual Meeting of the SMRT ANZ Chapter
Adelaide, Australia



More information on ISMRM Workshops can be found here: www.ismrm.org/meetings-workshops/future-ismrm-workshops/ 

11-14 July 2014
ISMRM Workshop on Motion Correction in MRI
Tromsø, Norway

05-07 September 2014
ISMRM/SMRT Workshop on Safety in MRI: Guidelines, Rationale & Challenges
Washington, DC, USA

06-09 November 2014
ISMRM Workshop on Magnetic Resonance in Cancer: Challenges & Unmet Needs
Austin, TX, USA

12-15 February 2015
ISMRM Workshop on MRI in the Management of Breast Disease: Past, Present & Future
San Francisco, CA, USA


Monitor the SMRT Website for annual meeting information, upcoming regionals, sponsorship information, job opportunities, etc.!


SMRT Anatomical Home Studies! (password required)

SMRT Educational Seminar Home Study, VOL. 17, No. 2: “MRI of the Abdomen: Adrenal Glands and Biliary Tract” (password required)

SMRT Video Home Studies, VOL. 7 (password required)

SMRT Focused Home Study, VOL. 4, No. 3: “Shifting Imaging Targets in Multiple Sclerosis: From Inflammation to Neurodegeneration” (password required)


Editor’s Letter

Julie Strandt-Peay, BSM,R.T.(R)(MR), FSMRT
Signals Editor

"The offerings displayed in the Signals show the global extent of the SMRT and those MR technologists and radiographers who participate."

Greetings! This issue of the E-Signals brings you the excitement and news that is the SMRT!...Read more…

Meet Your New SMRT President

Maureen N. Hood, Ph.D., R.N., R.T. (R) (MR) FSMRT
SMRT President, 2014-2015

"The ideas we get from new members around the world are how we are able to grow and deliver quality MR education."

My first taste of nuclear magnetic resonance came in 1982 during organic chemistry class. The University of Puget Sound, Washington, USA,...Read more…

Milan, Italy: An Annual Meeting to Remember

Rhonda F. Walcarius, B.Sc.(MRT)(R)(MR)
2014 Chair, Program Committee

“Also, as in past years, we have a great selection of Clinical and Research proffered papers to be presented by our colleagues from around the globe.”

The 23rd SMRT Annual Meeting would not have been a success without the wonderful support of our corporate sponsors.... Read more…

Education Committee Reports Quality Work presented in Milan

Sheryl Foster, MHSc. (MRI)
2014 Chair, Education Committee

“Every oral and poster presenter should take pride in the fact that, by sharing their work with their colleagues, they become part of the educational process that is so important to us all.”

The success of our 23rd Annual Meeting in Milan was due, in no small part, to the wonderful array of abstract submissions the Education Committee received from a wide range of geographical locations... Read more…

The SMRT Annual Business Meeting was held 10 May 2014

Read more…

ISMRM/SMRT Joint Forum Draws Attendees with Trending Topic

James J. Stuppino, B.S., R.T. (R)(MR)
2014 Co-Chair, Joint Forum Committee
The 2014 Joint Forum was organized by SMRT Executive Member, James J. Stuppino B.S., R.T. (R)(MR); SMRT External Liaison, Cindy Comeau R.T.(N)(MR), FSMRT and ISMRM representative Christine Chung, M.D... Read more…

The SMRT Recognizes Extraordinary Contributions with Awards

Vera Kimbrell, B.S., R.T.(R)(MR)
2014 Chair, Awards Committee

"Fulfilling the many jobs and duties that the SMRT undertakes absorbs countless volunteers and hours of time."

Every year the SMRT proudly honors individuals who have served the society with extraordinary efforts and accomplished outstanding tasks in support of our mission...Read more…

SMRT Participates in the United Kingdom Radiology Congress

Muriel Cockburn, DCR, BSc. Hons., FSMRT

"Although the numbers at the session were small the feedback was very positive with a real interest in SMRT."

On Wednesday the 11th of June the SMRT held their first educational session at the United Kingdom Radiology Congress (UKRC). This was an excellent opportunity to showcase and share the value and services and raise awareness of the SMRT in the United Kingdom...Read more…

Toronto, Ontario, Canada Selected for 2015 Annual Meeting

Chris Kokkinos, B.App.Sc, PgCert,MRI
Chair, 2015 Program Committee

"This meeting will also provide the perfect opportunity for you to connect and interact with MR technologists and radiographers from around the world."

The 24th Annual Meeting of the Section for Magnetic Resonance Technologists (SMRT) has been officially announced, and is being held in Toronto, Canada on the 30th and 31st of May, 2015...Read more…

SMRT Announces Call for Nominations

Ben Kennedy, B.App.Sc. (MIT) MMRT
2015 Chair, Awards and Nominations Committee

"This structure ensures excellent continuity in the direction and leadership of the SMRT and also provides an opportunity for mentoring the role of President."

On behalf of the Nominating Committee, I invite members of the SMRT to nominate individuals for membership of the Policy Board (four positions) and for President-Elect (one position). To become a part of the SMRT Policy Board is an opportunity to engage the international MRI community and actively contribute to its direction in education and growing its network…Read more…

Musculoskeletal MRI is Newest Presentation in the Home Study Series

Anne Marie Sawyer, B.S., R.T. (R)(MR) FSMRT
Editor, SMRT Home Studies

"Quantitative MRI provides noninvasive measures of cartilage degeneration at the earliest stages of joint degeneration, which is essential for efforts towards prevention and early intervention of OA."

We are pleased to present the SMRT Educational Seminars, Volume 17, Number 3: “Musculoskeletal MRI: Cartilage and Ligaments.” (coming soon!) This is the 65th accredited home study developed by the SMRT, exclusively for SMRT members…Read more…
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