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  • Test for Certificate of Participation

    After viewing the entire Advanced MRI Safety Training for MRI Healthcare Professionals, a test consisting of twenty questions is administered and a Certificate of Completion may be issued to document successfully completing this course (test score of 75% or better).

    •Discuss MRI-related bioeffects and safety issues
    •Describe problems related to acoustic noise
    •Implement methods to control access to the MRI environment
    •Utilize comprehensive screening procedures
    •Appreciate information relative to 3-Tesla MR systems
    •Understand MRI labeling information
    •Identify equipment designed for MRI environment
    •Understand safety issues related to MRI contrast agents

    Please select one BEST answer for each question.
  • 1. Frostbite
    2. Asphyxiation
    3. Loss of smell
    4. Tinnitus
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