2017 ISMRM Outstanding Teacher Awards

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Saturday Courses Winner Talk
Physics for Physicists - Morning Gareth Barker, Ph.D. MRI: the Classical Description
Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping & Electrical Properties of Tissues Berkin Bilgic, Ph.D. QSM Software Demo
Introduction into Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Vincent Boer, Ph.D. Water & Lipid Suppression - VAPOR, WET, OVS, IR, Novel Approaches (MC, Crushers)
MR Systems Engineering - Morning Richard Bowtell, Ph.D., M.A. Gradient Coil Design Considerations, Manufacturing & Limitations
Introduction to fMRI: Task & Resting State fMRI Methods/Analysis Catherine Chang, Ph.D. Dynamic Functional Connectivity
Frontiers in Neuroscience: Preclinical MRI-X Anna Devor, Ph.D. Origins of BOLD - Neuroscience Perspectives
Diffusion MRI: Principles & Applications Els Fieremans, Ph.D. Introduction to Diffusion MRI
Cardiovascular MRI: Vascular Michael Hope, M.D. Flow Imaging Techniques
Brain Cancer: from Diagnosis to Treatment Martin Leach, Ph.D. Introduction to Brain Cancer Imaging (incl. RANO Criteria)
Connectivity: Structure & Function Alexander Leemans, Ph.D. Measuring Connectivity with Diffusion MRI
Novel & Mature MRI Contrast Agents Ralph Mason, Ph.D. Beyond Proton MRI: 19F MRI & More
Imaging Biomarkers of Brain Disorders Carolyn Mountford, D.Phil. MRS as a Biomarker for Brain Disease
The Basics of Perfusion & Permeability Imaging Sophie Schmid, M.Sc. ASL - Data Acquisition
Cardiac MRI: Function, Perfusion & Viability Alistair Young, Ph.D. State of the Art: Acquisition & Processing
Sunday Courses Winner Talk
Biostatistics for Imaging Studies Todd Alonzo, Ph.D. From Data to Tests:  An Overview of Biostatistical Data Analysis Methods
CEST Imaging Daniel Gochberg, Ph.D. CEST, Basic Principles, Contributions To Z-Spectrum
Multiparametric Imaging in Cancer - How & Why John Gore, Ph.D. Parameters Derived from Diffusion Weighted Imaging
RF Engineering: Coils Natalia Gudino, Ph.D. Basics of Transmission Lines & Power Transfer
Recent Advances in Diffusion, Perfusion & fMRI Ileana Jelescu, Ph.D. Analysis: Tissue & Signal Models
Translational Musculoskeletal Imaging: From Qualitative to Quantitative Richard Kijowski, M.D. Acceleration Methods: Clinical Applications
IVIM & Cerebrovascular Reserve Denis Le Bihan, M.D., Ph.D. Introduction to IVIM
MRI, MRS & Molecular Imaging to Diagnose Disease & Assess Treatment Guillaume Madelin, Ph.D. Imaging of Non-Proton Nuclei: Methodology & Applications in Clinical Research
Image Acquisition & Reconstruction Craig Meyer, Ph.D. Cartesian & Non-Cartesian Sampling Schemes - Advantages & Disadvantages
Traumatic Brain Imaging: Whom, How, When David Mikulis, M.D. Neurovascular Consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury
Body MRI: Optimize Your Clinical Practice: Pelvis & GU Hebert Alberto Vargas, M.D. Prostate
Neurovascular MRI: From Micro to Macro Greg Zaharchuk, M.D., Ph.D. Identifying & Characterizing Arteriovenous Shunting Lesions with Arterial Spin Labeling
Sunrise Courses Winner Talk
Magnetic Resonance Elastography: Overview & Technology Richard Ehman, M.D. Overview & History
Individualized Brain MRI: Building a Neurosurgical Planning Toolbox Shawna Farquharson, M.Sc.(R) Fiber Tractography for Practical Neurosurgical Application
Clinical Applications of PET-MRI in Body Imaging Thomas Hope, M.D. Current Clinical Applications & Novel Tracers, Future Directions
MRI Assessment in Monitoring Cancer Therapy Anwar Padhani, M.B.B.S., FRCP, FRCR Multiparametric MRI for Tumor Therapy Response
MR Imaging of Small Joints: Fingers & Toes Catherine Petchprapa, M.D. MR of Finger Injuries
Cardiovascular MR: "More is Better": Tissue Characterization Nicole Seiberlich, Ph.D. MR Fingerprinting
MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound in the Brain John Snell, Ph.D. MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound in the Brain - Description, Overview & Method
Water Exchange or Tracer Exchange: Which is the Limiting Factor in DCE-MRI? Charles Springer, Jr., Ph.D. DCE-MRI is Enriched by Water Exchange
Weekday Courses by Category Winner Talk
Neuro R. Todd Constable, Ph.D. Connectivity Analysis Methods Optimized to Identify Structural/Functional Brain Connectivity
MSK Mary Jesse, M.D. Sacroiliac Joint Disorders
Cross Cutting & Emerging Technologies Walter Kucharczyk, M.D., F.R.C.P.C. Spin Gymnastics 1 & 2
Diffusion Catherine Lebel, Ph.D. Diffusion Imaging in Neurodevelopment
Cancer Tom Scheenen, Ph.D. Prostate Cancer: Proton & Beyond
CV Jeanette Schulz-Menger, M.D. State of the art Imaging in Heart Failure: Cardiac MR in the Multi-Modality Environment
Body Claude Sirlin, M.D. Hepatic Steatosis
Physics & Engineering Daniel Sodickson, M.D., Ph.D. The Ideal MR Scanner - a Clinician's Perspective