2019 First Author Index: All Abstracts

Poster #Author & Title
8Baker, Donald
The Clinical Impact of Compressed SENSE
9Beluk, Nancy
Are Small, But Potentially Meaningful, Brain Abnormalities in Infants with Congenital Heart Defects Associated with Ciliary Dysfunction?
10Blankholm, Anne Dorte
MR Safety Incident Reporting and a Questionnaire
11Bruno, Mary
Bilateral Temporal Lobe Imaging with High Permittivity Dielectric Pads at 7T
12Chai, Pik Hsien
Applications of REACT in non-contrast MR Angiography
13Chen, Jeff
Escape to Fantasy Land - Using Leading-edge Technology to Distract Children during Medical Procedures
14Chen, Jeff
Pediatric Trauma C-Spine - MRI as One Stop Modality?
15Epperson, Kevin
5-Minute Comprehensive Quantitative Bilateral Knee MRI for High Patient Throughput Scanning
OralGlarin, Rebecca - 1st Place Clinical Focus Proffered Paper Award
Get More 'Bang for your Buck' - How to Optimise a 3D Sequence using Multiple Echoes
OralGray, Erin - 3rd Place Research Focus Proffered Paper Award
Brain Imaging Advances using a Flexible RF Coil
16Hansen, Tina
Introducing a Dedicated Cardiac MRI-system
17Hash, Stacy
High-Value of Short Breast MRI for Screening Patients at High Risk for Breast Cancer
18Hipko, Scott
Clinical Utility of Highly Accelerated Brain Imaging with Compressed Sense. A Paradigm Shift
19Jewell, Shannon
A Look at Osteosarcoma
20Jingkai, Li
Application of MRV Vascular Analysis in Venous Thrombosis of Head and Neck
21Jones, Eric
Rapid-Sequence MRI to Evaluate Abusive Head Trauma
22Jones, Eric
Guardians of the Bore Guide: Taking Control of the MRI Universe
23Jun, HaeKyung
A Study on the Usefulness of the Filling Factor using the Self-made Phantom in Breast MRI Examination of Unilateral Breast Total Excision Patients
24Jun, HaeKyung
A Review of the Optimal Number of Echoes when using Multi Echo Dixon Technique: Using HISTO as a Reference Standard
25Kihlberg, Johan
Improved Workflow with Implants Gave More Satisfied Staff
26Kim , Do Hoon
3D Turbo Spin Echo Compared with Improved Motion-Sensitized Driven-equilibrium (iMSDE) in Intracranial Black Blood Image
27Leong, Suet Fen
Use of Navigator Echo in MRI to Identify Patients with Diaphragm Motion Abnormalities
4Liao, Huijun - 1st Place Clinical Focus Poster Award
The Effects of Dielectric Pads on Brain MR Images and Spectroscopy at 7T
28Lim, Jiayuan
Challenges Faced by MR Technologists in Establishing Magnetic Resonance Elastography of the Liver as a New Service in a Metropolitan Hospital
OralLo, Kim Hin - 3rd Place Clinical Focus Proffered Paper Award
Intracranial Vessel Wall Imaging: Scan Protocol and Sequence Optimization
OralMaishi, Patricia - 2nd Place Research Focus Proffered Paper Award
Large Outer Volume Suppression (OVS) Slabs Reduce SNR and Metabolite Concentration Estimates in the Single Voxel Spectroscopy (SVS)
29Negi, Pradeep
Improving Uniformity in Spatial Distribution of Native T1 Relaxation Time in Dedicated mMR Breast Coil using Multiple Phantom Tubes
2Negi, Pradeep - 2nd Place Research Focus Poster Award
Improved Performance of Contrast Enhanced MRI using 3D-PD sequence in the Detection of Brain Metastasis
7Ortman, Jason - JAK Award Winner
Whole Body Non-contrast Fresh Blood Imaging (FBI) using 3T MRI
6Patterson, Ilse - 3rd Place Clinical Focus Poster Award
Quantitative Bone Marrow Analysis using IDEAL-Quant
3Patterson, Ilse - 3rd Place Research Focus Poster Award
Extra-ocular Muscle T2 and Fat Fraction in Thyroid Eye Disease
1Pelkola, Kristina - 1st Place Research Focus Poster Award
Simulating the MRI Experience with a Play Tunnel in a Pediatric Population
5Ravanfar, Vahid - 2nd Place Clinical Focus Poster Award
Positioning Focus Shim in Phase Direction Impacts Image Quality in DWI Sequences
OralSamuels, Petronella - 2nd Place Clinical Focus Proffered Paper Award
Using Selective Active Shimming to Reduce Main Magnetic Field Inhomogeneities Eliminates Off-resonance Artefacts in bSSFP Sequence in CMR Applications
30Sann, Thu Thu
A Systematic Workflow for MRI in Patients with Deep Brain Stimulation Device
31Seraydarmansour, Omid
MR Quantification of the Fatty Fraction from IDEAL IQ Sequence in the Assessment of Muscle Atrophy in Rotator Cuff Tears
32Simonsen, Helle
Clinical MRI Protocol used for Patient with Acousticus Neuroma
33Simonsen, Helle
Visual Stimulation during Varying Conditions
OralTakatsu, Yasuo - 1st Place Research Focus Proffered Paper Award
Distortion Correction for Diffusion-Weighted Imaging Based on non-rigid Image Registration
34Terry, Miranda
Gadolinium Retention
35Vatnehol, Svein Are
Evaluation of MRI Relaxometry for Detection of Changes in Oxygen Concentrations
36Vernikov, Galina
Implementation of High Resolution Diffusion-Weighted Imaging in a Multiparametric Breast MRI Protocol for an Improved Diagnosis of Breast Tumors
OralWatson, Julia - President’s Award Winner
Monitoring Acute Low Back Pain using 2D Correlated Spectroscopy of the Brain at 3T: A Case Study
37Yetsko, Briann
The MRI Technologist: Safety Checklist for Intra-Operative MRI