2019 Fellow of the Society

This award is given in recognition of significant and substantial contributions to the mission of the SMRT. The recipient of this year’s award is:

Kendra Huber, B.S.R.T. (R)(M)(CT)(MR)

Kendra Huber began her career in Radiology by graduating in 1994 from St. Anthony School of Radiologic Technology in Denver, Colorado, USA. After graduating, she worked in all areas of radiology but discovered the fun and challenging world of MRI in 2000. Kendra became an MRI supervisor and loved teaching new technologists about physics, patient care and MRI safety. Returning to school in 2006, she completed her bachelor’s in Biology with emphasis in Biomedical Science where she became very interested in research. Kendra currently is the manager of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Cancer Center Imaging Core as well as a Professional Research Assistant MRI technologist at the University of Colorado Brain Imaging Center. Kendra’s experience with clinical and pre‐clinical studies includes MR imaging, spectroscopy, diffusion, perfusion, fMRI, MRElastography, and MRI/PET at field strengths of 0.3T to 9.4T. Her current role constantly provides her with exciting new challenges learning new MRI techniques and research studies. Through her work, she was introduced to the SMRT by utilizing the education materials, list server and attending regional and annual meetings for current MRI information. She quickly realized the benefits of joining the SMRT and has been a member since 2005. She has attended SMRT Annual Meetings since 2008 and was a Co‐chair for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the SMRT. It was through attending these meetings, that she met many like minded enthusiastic MRI technologists and knew she wanted to become more involved with the SMRT. Kendra was elected onto the SMRT policy board in 2012 and has served as the Bylaws and Regional/Chapters Chair until she rolled into her current position of External Relations Chair. She has submitted 15 abstracts as a co‐author to the ISMRM meetings; one was awarded a 2nd place for her work with small particle iron oxide nanoparticles. She is a co‐author on fifteen articles published in international journals and has contributed to a Tumor Biomarker Textbook. Kendra is honored to have received the nomination for Fellow of the SMRT, which she will be a member of and support for life.