SMRT Standing Committees

Executive Committee – The Executive Committee is comprised of the Officers of the SMRT, one (1) at-large Member of the Policy Board chosen by the President, and the Executive Liaison.

Policy Board – The Policy Board has the authority to establish and implement policies and programs for the SMRT, subject to any limitations and restrictions established from time to time by the Affiliated Section Committee.

Education Core Focus Area

Education Committee – The Education Committee is comprised of the Chairs for all education related committees and oversees the entire structure and content of all educational programs offered to SMRT Members in the area of magnetic resonance. Term for this committee is 1 year.

Annual Meeting Program Committee – The Annual Meeting Program Committee is responsible for the organization of the teaching and scientific program at the Annual Meeting of the SMRT. They invite speakers, recruit moderators, and oversee the Program at the Annual Meeting. The committee Vice Chair serves as the co-organizer for the ISMRM-SMRT Joint Forum. Term for this committee is 1 year.

Abstract Committee – The Abstract Committee is responsible for the oversight of the entire SMRT abstract submission, vetting and acceptance process. In addition, it selects the President’s Award, John A. Koveleski Award, Proffered Paper and Poster Award winners. Term for this committee is 1 year.

Online Learning Committee – The Online Learning Committee is responsible for the identification of appropriate new and existing topics/content that can be delivered via an online medium, such as webinars, podcasts, re-purposed content, etc. It oversees the Home Study Subcommittee. Term for this committee is 1 year.

Home Study Subcommittee – The Home Study subcommittee reports to the Online Learning Committee and is responsible for selecting topics, articles and authors for SMRT Home Studies. The subcommittee reviews all content and composes and submits quiz questions/answers specific to the content and follows the ARRT question/answer guidelines. Term for this committee is 1 year.

Divisions Committee – The Divisions Committee is responsible reviewing the educational content for each Division’s meeting program to identify knowledge gaps and to offer recommendations based on existing SMRT educational content. Term for this committee is 1 year.

Safety Committee – The Safety Committee is responsible for the collection and dissemination of resources and educational content related to MR safety. They manage the joint ISMRM/SMRT MR safety web page in conjunction with the ISMRM Safety Committee. Term for this committee is 3 years.

Membership Core Focus Area

Membership Committee – The Membership Committee develops and implements strategies for ensuring a broad Membership base for the SMRT within the community of persons who share the stated purposes of the SMRT. This Committee reviews all disputed applications for resolution. Term for this committee is 1 year.

Awards and Nominating Committee – The Awards and Nominating Committee is responsible for the selection of the Awards bestowed by the Society, including the Crues-Kressel Award, Honorary Member of the Society, Distinguished Service Award, and Fellow of the Society as well as determining the winner of the ARRT/SMRT Educational Grant. In addition, it provides all SMRT Members with the number of open at-large positions on the Policy Board and invites the submission of nominations for open at-large positions on the Policy Board and President-Elect of the SMRT. Term for this committee is 1 year.

Chapters Committee – The Chapters Committee provides a direct path of communication between the chapters and the SMRT Policy Board. Responsibilities include distribution of SMRT information pertaining to membership, communicating on-going changes and development of the SMRT. Term for this committee is 1 year.

Relations Core Focus Area

Global Relations Committee – The Global Relations Committee is responsible for liaising with governments at all levels, relationships with other professional and ethical societies, with industry (except for those immediate issues of seeking financial support) and with the public at large. In addition, it oversees the process of awarding SMRT Travel Scholarships. Term for this committee is 1 year.

Marketing Committee – The Marketing Committee is responsible for identifying new promotional strategies to market the SMRT globally. Term for this committee is 1 year.

Administrative Core Focus Area

Finance Committee – The SMRT Finance Committee shall be charged with assisting in the supervision and control of the SMRT’s financial operations which are delegated to the Treasurer. It shall be responsible, under the Treasurer who shall be its Chair, for the preparation of accounts, the supervision of the management of the SMRT’s assets and such other financial operations as are proper for a non-profit organization. The Finance Committee, either itself, or through a sub-Committee shall also be responsible for the raising of financial support for all the SMRT’s activities. Term for this committee is 1 year.

Bylaws Committee – The By-Laws Committee is chaired by the Incoming President and recommends to the Policy Board and the Board of Trustees of the Sponsoring Society any changes in the Bylaws which they deem necessary or appropriate and presents to the SMRT Policy Board any changes proposed by any committee. Term for this committee is 1 year.

Ad-Hoc RCEEM Committee – The RCEEM Committee is responsible for the development and operation of the application and approval process for continuing education in Magnetic Resonance. The SMRT is an established RCEEM with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), and will follow their guidelines for the application and approval process. The management of the RCEEM activities will be conducted from the ISMRM/SMRT Office. Term for this committee is 1 year.