SMRT has a membership option for everyone. Please select the option that best meets your needs and qualifications.

New for 2017, multi-year memberships will be available to new applicants.
Current members are able to renew NOW with these multi-year options.

Membership Type Description 1 Year* 2 Years** 3 Years**
Full Member Full Members are certified or registered radiographers and technologists in magnetic resonance imaging as defined by the standards in the country they reside and have a minimum of two years’ experience in radiologic practice.   US $105.00 US $205.00 US $300.00
Affiliate Member Affiliate Members are non-radiographer/technologist, working in a MRI-related field, who share the purpose of the SMRT but do not meet the qualifications for Full Membership.   US $105.00 US $205.00 US $300.00
Early Career Member Early Career Members are radiographers or technologists who have graduated from an accredited program in their initial medical imaging or radiation therapy discipline within the past 24 months, or are registered by the ARRT or equivalent and are within 24 months of their initial certification.   US $75.00 N/A N/A
Student Member Student Members who are enrolled in a full-time academic program in an accredited education institution at the Bachelor, Associate or equivalent levels and have not yet received initial certification.   US $30.00 N/A N/A
Emeritus Member
Contact the Membership Department for information on becoming an Emeritus Member
An Emeritus Member is a SMRT Full Member who has paid the specified regular dues for five (5) consecutive years and has retired from more than casual employment.   US $30.00 N/A N/A

* To see prices with the ISMRM journal subscription (JMRI and/or MRM); please click here for the price chart.

** Journal subscriptions are not available for the multi-year option at renewal. These may be purchased annually by contacting the membership department.

** Multi-year options not available for Group Memberships.