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The How and Why of MR Spectroscopy
MR Learning Lab in Collaboration with the ISMRM MR Spectroscopy Study Group

18 July 2019 at 15:00 PDT
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Organizers: Kirsty Campbell & Huijun Vicky Liao

Title: The “How to” of MRS: Things to Consider When Planning Acquisition
Speaker: Caroline (Lindy) Rae, Ph.D.

Neuroscience Research Australia
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Accreditation: 0.5 CE/CPD credit

Moderator: Michael Kean, (RT)FSMRT

Overview: The proposed session will discuss the range of different approaches to single voxel MRS and highlight their purposes and limitations. It will canvass things to consider when planning MRS acquisitions and what, realistically, can be achieved with the method.


  • Understand the different acquisition options for acquiring MR spectra
  • Understand which acquisition options may be optimal for what you want to measure
  • Understand the practical issues you need to consider when setting up a MRS acquisition

Title: The Clinical Applications of MR Spectroscopy
Speaker: Alexander P. Lin, Ph.D.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Boston, MA, USA

Accreditation: 0.5 CE/CPD credit

Moderator: Huijun Vicky Liao, B.Sc., ARMRIT
SMRT Representative, MR Spectroscopy Study Group

Overview: The goal of this presentation will be to provide technologists with practical knowledge of how magnetic resonance spectroscopy is utilized for diagnosis and treatment monitoring across a broad range of clinical diseases.


  • Understand how MR spectroscopy is utilized in different pathologies such as cancer, neurological disorders, metabolic disorders, and non-neuro application in both pediatrics and adults.
  • Understand how to acquire spectroscopy for these different diseases by reviewing different protocols for each condition.
  • Learn how to provide quality control on MRS data and recognize when real-time changes need to be made to ensure accuracy and excellence.

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