Copy & paste the following text to use in an email to your supervisor or employer. Be sure to replace the ____ lines and remove the bracketed text before sending.

Dear __________,

The Society for MR Radiographers and Technologists’ (SMRT) Annual Meeting is an important event for MR professionals and is the premier event for our industry.  I believe by sending me to 27th Annual Meeting, I will further my professional development and bring back new ideas to the company and team.

This year’s agenda focuses on “Machine Learning.” The schedule includes innovative and new information, which is very relevant to my job and our patients.

The conference features the best from the industry as guest speakers, the latest in cutting edge research and networking. [go into detail about at least one session from the agenda, here]. This session will help me with my efforts in making our company more successful and efficient.

Networking is important. The best of the best come to the conference with insights from their experiences and new ideas. I will have the opportunity to meet influencers, speakers, and the leaders in the industry. I can address them with problems we face and get advice, as well as collaborate and share ideas with one another.

Please check out the conference website. I have been following the SMRT Facebook page and there is a lot of buzz about this event!

Expenses include registration, travel, hotel and any meals that are outside of the SMRT Annual Meeting.

The total cost for the conference is _____________. The detailed cost breakdown is listed in the paragraph below. Here is my estimated breakdown of conference costs:

  • Registration:
  • Airfare:
  • Transportation to and from Hotel:
  • Hotel:
  • Meals:
  • Total:

I am happy to chat further about this with you, and answer any questions you may have. I am confident that this event would be worthwhile for my position now and for years to come.